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last man out

Postby Galdor Mithr » Tue Aug 12, 2014 4:31 pm

Landing shuttles wobble in the air on there descent as flack bursts in the sky sending hot shrapnel in all directions one the size and shape of a grinding disk bursts through the lightly armoured hull of the craft you are in one man is decapitated another has a deep gash in his arm he screams as the person next to him calmly starts pulling out a med pack he’s seen this to many times the woman (in her late 20’s fresh out of officer training) standing at the front of large space sees this and yells a order to a man smoking a fag he nods gets up and stumbles his way over to the dead man and looking at his id disk he mutters some words for the dead man roughly drags him to back of the craft and muttering what looks like trough the smoke and flashing lights a “forgive me” then chucks him out of the back bay door the 100 and first conscript company b squad is manned by men and women from the paras and by Civ’s who clambered on a bus back home were rushed through training got a weapon of some sort out of what was left of the armoury’s or cartridge weapons sold to the government on mass form the black market the mix was mostly out of date AK 47’s or early issue energy rifle’s you’re lucky being a veteran Para with service in what you reckon to be 90% of the globe you have been given a up to date SA 67 (no one can finger out why what went backwards in numbers) after long enough with miss haps of the SA 80 MK 1 though 7 they figured out the hitches and came up with this thing a high powered stocky bullpup the barrel as long as a conventional rifle but with the action back behind the trigger hand right up next to your ears it made it nosey for the boots but capable of long distends fire fights but short enough for room clearing the under bay doors open the woman yells a command and people start to jump on to the ground a few feet below all of them Civ’s when they clear there are only vets left none of them moved the woman starts to shout at you to move one out as she’s yelling and going red in the face calling you all cowards a girl she’s a girl not a woman no matter how long she’s been in this fight she’s only 18 years old takes out her side arm and points it at the woman and with her free hand points at the open bay were the Civ’s had just jumped down from they were all shot to bits the woman goes white and troughs up you all start to move you know that the gunners on the ground will be reloading now it’s cruel but most of them you hope are only wounded they should make it if they played dead long enough you smile at the rest of your party as you gesture a “after you” t the girl who is putting her side arm away laughter fills the space as you all jump out on to the DZ you open fire as you hit the ground the first bunker that comes in to sight you light up like a Christmas tree as do the rest of your squad on other firing positions fox holes and wooden shacks in the tree line after a few burst of gun fire from around the dz there’s no more incoming you here HMG’s firing 3 shot burst you and the rest of the squad start checking the Civ’s most of them have been shot in the leg arms or just had the wind blown out of them but close shaves nothing big a few have bort it head shots or centre mass shots some aren’t dead yet but son will be you start dragging the wounded to a ditch were medics are tending to them you look around still no incoming the force is on the ground the DZ has been taken

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