There are Four Human Tribes.

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There are Four Human Tribes.

Postby Peter Levy » Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:33 pm

here's a little bit of stuff i done wroted as a little guide to what the human tribes is. (not sure where the most appropriate board for this realy is. this'll have to do)

“Strength Stands.”
Personality keywords: Stubborn, Self-Assured, Convivial, Straightforward, Practical
Inspirations: Northerners in ASOIAF, Gondor in LOTR, Empire in Warhammer.
Rite of passage: A boy becomes a man after competing in his first tournament. Boys are trained from around the age of 8, and are ready to compete by the time they are 18, though many enter earlier. Whenever a young man does complete his first tournament, there is usually a big party after. Most of those who complete this rite of passage are male; Larkant society is very male-dominated.

“Nature Endures.”
Personality Keywords: Aloof, Unflinching, Reverent
Inspirations: Wood Elves in LOTR and Warhammer.
Rite of Passage: All Everni undertke a challenge called ‘The Wilds’ around their 16th birthday. They are sent alone into an area of the Nandine Woodlands, called The Wilds, where the Saplings and Watchers from Stev reside. This area of the woods is very much alive, and cannot be reliably mapped; it moves. Once an Everni has spent a month travelling through the Wilds, they have earnt their place in the tribe.

“Faith Unites.”
Personality keywords: Pious, Individual
Rites of Passage: All Jehovern are expected to undertake a Pilgrimage. The scope and scale of said Pilgrimage is dependent on the individual and their faith. The Jehovern believe it is the gods, not the tribe that decide whether somebody has earnt their place in the tribe. Following Pilgrimage, a Jehovern gains faith and favour with their deity, and is welcomed into the tribe.

“Wisdom Prevails.”
Personality Keywords: Arrogant, Superior, Analytical, Political, Feudal, Hedonist
Inspirations: Houses Tyrell and Lannister from ASOIAF, Brettonia from Warhammer.
Rite of Passage: Telerfret value education and knowledge. Children are taught to read and write, to understand numbers, maps, the world and weather, etc from a young age. But most importantly, most Telerfret are taught Magic. Once a Telerfret has learnt to cast magic, they are eligible to fully join the tribe. This rite is called ‘Graduation’.
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