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The World

Postby Ben » Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:19 am

The domes are gone.
The glooms are gone.
The sentinels are gone.

The Soulless, led by The Quarin, are spread across the world and although they have withdrawn from SInya Palurin, much of the land is uninhabitable with many towns and villages burnt to the ground, crops rotten and the land salted.

The Colourful Isle (also known as Brockman Isle) has been taken by the Elves and renamed Coshwood Isle (though some humans may still be fighting there). The Soulless are yet to make any attempt on it.

An influx of (mainly) humans, particularly Larkant military, have returned from the Hope Wastes and have fortified Sinya Palurin and are rebuilding the cities of Mahtar and Sanga. Smaller forces have been sent into other lands to fight the Soulless.
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