System Effect: Realm of Faith

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System Effect: Realm of Faith

Postby Phil.Priest » Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:07 am

Somewhere around halfway between noon and sunset on the 21st day of the ninth moon year 162, followers of all of the gods feel that link broken.

Somewhere in the realm of faith sits a long table and at it sit the gods. Lazar stood fuming at the rest of the tables occupants “We have been attacked once more by the foolish mortals. The safeguards I placed around the Realm of Faith have activated, they now gain nothing from us until our faith in them is restored."

"I understand the reasons Lord of Darkness, but why punish thousands for the folly of two deceased mortals?" Spoke the Lady of Light.

Why? If we are seen as vulnerable others will come to try their luck in gaining entry, with taking power that is not theirs! The realm has been broken in the past, now they cannot get in they attempt to destroy it!"

We remove the power offered to the mortals and they will seek retribution against our attackers for us.” Nodded the masked Serkanian Deity of Murder and Betrayal. “A smart move and one that will ensure the faithful will always seek to stop those who wish to remove us or our power.

The protective wards will remain in place for a minimum of three moons – my faithful at least will continue to act as such and will continue spreading my word. I suggest you all communicate with your High Priests, Paladins and Angelkin, let them know that by keeping faithful the return will come faster.

I also think we should place any future power out of reach in the future. The Underdeep remains under my control, that once held Nicholai and even now contains many creatures that even the mighty Heroes of my House had difficulty fighting. Anyone wanting to claim the power would need to pass through the Hope Wastes, into my realm and through to the Underdeep... and back out.


System Effect
Until further notice no abilities gained from the Gods may be utilised, specifically this includes:
1) Faith abilities from churches
2) ‘Racial’ abilities of Angelkin
3) Any unique which requires faith or is the result of coming from a God – if in doubt please consult the Unique Team

Divine Artefacts may or may not work, depending on the user – the Ref Team will determine if they work at the time.
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