CRAFTING: The Cult of Eremine

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CRAFTING: The Cult of Eremine

Postby Ben » Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:38 am

“…in the name of Eremine I bind you and summon you.”

Jasdu stepped from the ritual circle as the metamagic formed a cage and within appeared a tall figure in red. Quayle looked around before touching the cage which sparked with magic as he did so. Lowering his hand he turned to the High Priest of Eremine.

“This is no way to thank your saviour.”
“You consider yourself my saviour?”
“I seem to remember pouring healing into you.”
Jasdu nodded.
“Was part of the group that removed the power of The End from you.”
He nodded again
“Destroying utterly the uncontrolled part of you.”
He nodded once more.
“Purifying the chalice.”
Jasdu’s face twitched with the hint of a smile for a moment.
“And now you summon me and imprison me in a cage. I seem to remember talking a lot about the sanctity of freedom during my lifetime, it appears no one listens.”
“Have you spent much time with the Serkanians?”
“They believe that the sins of the father are borne by his children and his children’s children. It is not a concept exclusive to them, I believe many races have similar beliefs, the Dwarves, the Orcs some of the desert tribes of humans even.”
“I'm sure they do.”
“Your father committed a lot of sins.”
“And I killed him.”
“I have taken that into account.”
You have taken that into account.”
“It sounds as if you have made some sort of decision.”
“Please, enlighten me.”
“The Church of Eremine accepts you as the successor to Velnashar, heir to his power and your church as our equal and opposite. Where we bring balance, you bring”, he curled his lip unable to hide the disgust in his voice “chaos. Where we create, you destroy.”
Quayle appeared bored, “Did you need to summon me for this?”
“There is a proviso.”
“You summon me, imprison me and now you seek to make demands?”
Jasdu gave a slight shrug, “Yes.”
Quayle stepped forward, the ritual circle shattered and he advanced on Jasdu, “You’ve made a mistake.”
Jasdu backed away from the advancing deity but kept his voice steady, “You will withdraw the influence of chaos and destruction from The Cult of Eremine.”
Quayle looked blank and his step faltered before light dawned, “This is about them?”
“Your father warped their minds with chaos, drove them insane, left them to kill themselves, each other and those they came into contact with. Cure them.”
“That’s all you want?”
“Consider it done.”
“Just like that.” It was Jasdu’s turn to look confused.
“There is a proviso. Anyone who enjoys their current state and doesn’t want to return to balance can join my church.”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it. My father granted freewill to all sentient beings and that concept is very important to me. I will withdraw his influence from your Cult and they can make their choice. Agreed?”
Jasdu nodded in agreement and Quayle vanished in an explosion of flame that singed Jasdu’s hair and left the flagstones beneath Quayle’s feet red with heat.
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Re: CRAFTING: The Cult of Eremine

Postby Ben » Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:53 pm

Fort Drake, once known as The Veil and before that The Temple of Time had stood empty for too long.

However, now there is life, light and movement once more. The Cult of Eremine has moved in and setup their forges, laboratories, studios and libraries.

Notices go out across the world that this is neutral ground and they are open for business
"And unconscious people always count as willing"

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