Ya be wanting to ear dis mon

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Ya be wanting to ear dis mon

Postby Sonny » Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:44 pm

All across the lands of both the living and dead, squadrons of small black spectral birds flapped high in the sky, silently sweeping above the landscape in the watchful gaze of the moon. Each group toeing a small box between them, hanging the container from their talons as they spread out over the lands. With a simple tug on the one of the supporting lines the box’s bottom fell open and let their cargo fall, a collection of parchments fluttering down towards the ground like feathers caught in the wind. Spreading the messages far and wide over the settlements of the world, the odd one finding its target and landing in the street just waiting to be found by any passerby. The letters themselves an old stained brown parchment, rather light and firm to the touch, the message written in a large black font, left overnight as the world slept.

Ear me one and all, dis be a message to anyone whom ave a dream, a desire, a craving dat ya cant satisfy on yaself.

I be travelling for da celebration of balance to spread da word and news dat all dem could be in ya reach. I be coming as a messenger to inform dem whoms curiosity be tingling and whom be wanting to fulfil dare desires.

Thou business be open as usual at da time, dis be mah goal, to spread da word to all dem ears whom would ear it, a way to gain whatever it be dey seek, and aquire dat which be out of dare reach.

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