Making sense from the senselessness of war

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Making sense from the senselessness of war

Postby Ben » Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:31 pm

We are at war. Some people may not understand why or how so let me attempt to help you understand.

Our people, along with the Elves, the Dwarves and all others who stand in the light built Dvarni. However our numbers were greater than that of any of the other races and so we, the human race, spread out from Dvarni, from the Heartlands into the world. There were built great cities across the north of the continent: the lands of Serke Kemi and Gweria but still we spread, heading further south into Arnad Gaurhoth and Dolen Taleth. Across the sea, the other side of the world, humans had spread claiming Serke Kemi.

However, the Elves did not spread. Elves do not breed as quickly as humans, they live much longer and so do not see the need to do everything as quickly so their population does not grow exponentially every human generation. Some travelled and explored but the majority stayed within the Heartlands - the Heartlands, a land not only full of humans but in lands surrounded by humans.

A king emerged to lead the High Elves and in the one hundredth year of this world, the Elven King made a stand. He claimed Dvarni and the Heartlands as Elven territory and drove the other races out. Our race had claimed Sinya Palurin, Gweria, Arnad Gaurhoth, Dolen Taleth and even Serke Kemi but we did not like it when someone claimed what we felt was ours, what we had sweated to build, the jewel in our crown. And so we refused to leave and war broke out. The Elves were prepared, we were not and so we were driven from The Heartlands and would not return for nearly six decades.

When our chance came, we returned, we slayed the Elves that stood in our way and claimed Pathway as our own. Over the next year we pushed further in until we came upon Erathil and slayed him. Surely now Dvarni and the Heartlands were ours?


Erathil had claimed the Heartlands as Elven territory to give the Elves a place to call home, they had nowhere to go and unless we were willing to kill every man, woman and child the problem remained. A problem that no one was capable of solving. Our actions would eventually lead to the destruction of Dvarni, the destruction of the Heartlands and the destruction of most of the Elven race. However, the intervention of Risk repaired the damage and Erathil and his army arose from the dead to reclaim the Heartlands.

There followed and uneasy peace, the Elves were strong once more and no one wished to try to take the Heartlands from the resurrected Elven army and this unspoken truce lasted until the Soulless invaded the Heartlands and Erathil destroyed both undead and land to stop them from acquiring the bodies of the fallen, the magical wealth of the Elven people and The Well of Eremine.

The Elves had no home once more, negotiations for part of Sinya Palurin had failed and we, the human race, had made a bargain with the Soulless granting them the rest of the world if they left Sinya Palurin alone. The Elves felt that as we had reliquished our claim on the rest of the world, they could take their pick and so made their choice: The Colourful Isle - yet another land humanity had claimed by being the first to land there.

As they had done decades before, the Elves drove the population from the isle in order for it to be a home for the Elven people and as we had done decades before, we refused to leave peacefully. Fighting broke out and once again the Elves won the battle.

One one side humanity held land many hundreds of times larger than the recently renamed Coshwood Isle with a population to match. Meanwhile the Elves held a tiny island with an army a fraction of the size. The Elves had, and indeed have, nowhere to go. There is no point in negotiating with the leaders of humanity for they have nothing to offer but the only thing they have: Coshwood Isle. Meanwhile we cannot simply give in to the Elves, let them have the island, let their crimes go unpunished and the deaths of those who fought for the island go unpunished.

That is why there is war. Even when the Soulless threaten our very existence the Elves and the humans fight for what we believe in because if we didn't, we wouldn't be people at all.

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