Varya reborn

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Varya reborn

Postby Will » Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:14 am

**The Soulless in Varya were scattered and leaderless. With the walls re-empowered, those Undead remaining in the island were cut off from further support. The heroes who remained after the battle easily assisted the emerging Varyan survivors over the coming weeks to secure the land, and a new stronghold of humanity was established.

Captain Grey looked over the docks of Varya, trying to pick the best ship. The decision wasn't very difficult as there was only one ship still afloat, and even that was a bit of a wreck. The mast was split in two and all the windows of the captains quarters were broken.

The Undead from Gweria returned a few days later, but found they were unable to penetrate the walls. Even the Quarin of War was seen to be raging ineffectually from a distance, the hand print from the life elf still burned into his face.

Some attempts to teleport small forces in were made, but the grey robes responded swiftly and brutally, moving forces to intercept. Likewise, attempts to invade by sea were swiftly thwarted. The Varyan people were once again prepared, and a lifetime of defending themselves made life bearable again.

A rare victory amongst the horror of the past years**
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