When shall we three meet again

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When shall we three meet again

Postby Ben » Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:44 am

Three dark figures stand, looking towards Varya.

"Trying to take on a God on his holy day...within his own temple...foolish."
"It was a tavern!"
"And he's the God of Drinking!"
"Then going back for revenge..."
"I said silence!"
"...attacking the same group..."
"...and being driven off..."
"So much for War...how about we rename you Brawl?"
"We made you Worthington, I will destroy you."
"What about Skirmish? By the way...you seem to have a little mark on your face...but...wait...it almost looks like a handprint...but surely War wouldn't get slapped...I mean...that's not an act of war, that's how little girls fight surely...that would be really embarassing..."
"Sssshut up both of you."

The pair stopped, and looked to the third black robed figure present.

"It wasss foolisssh War."
"You side with THIS?"
"It requiresss all three of usss to move the power to a fourth. If you had fallen then we would have been no more."
"I would not have fallen."
"I know how clossse it wasss…"
"I know my own strength Pestilence."
"We are weakened aszss three…there musssst be four."
"Famine was a disappointment...this one lasted little more than a year..."
"Already did."
"Next time I'll make it last."

The pair stopped their arguments once more.

"We are the Quarin! Lordssss of undeath, we ssshall not fight amongssst ourssselves."
"It was good enough for over a century!"
"But now thingsss have changed. Thisss world is now oursss but only if we work aszss one"
"Scraps? We could call you Scraps!"

There is a whirling of axe blades and some wet thumps.

"And now we have to wait for Sssamuel to return. You try my passsienssse War."
"We should never have recruited him."
"Death was dessstroyed by the Bassstion...we needed another."
"He is not worthy!"
"He issss powerful...ambisssiousss...evil."
"First Harna...then Xanus...your next choice better be more worthy than Worthington."

Pestilence reached out a withered hand and Samuel's phylactery appeared on the remains of Samuel and the lich stood, his face contorted in anger.

"Absolutely nothing."
"Good God! Lisssen to me. All three of usss must combine our powerssss sssso that we are whole onsssse more."

The three exchanged glances before an almost imperceptable nod from War signalled his agreement and Samuel, Death, responded with a nod of his own.

Dark magic flowed between them, shadow and death joined them as one and reached out searching for one who would complete them. Shrieks and screams of tortured souls...the tearing of worlds...the Hope Wastes and Velmaneth becoming one and then the three were joined by a fourth...

"I'm a ghost."
"And unconscious people always count as willing"

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