Honest Malven's Travelling Auction House.

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Honest Malven's Travelling Auction House.

Postby Peter Levy » Tue May 21, 2013 6:40 pm

Honest Malven's Travelling Auction House

Novelties! Artefacts! Curios! Honest Malven has scoured the length and breadth of Velmaneth, risking life and limb to bring you the rarest, the most powerful artefacts available today! Come one, come all, all are welcome at Honest Malvern's!

We shall be marking the reopening of the Piddle Inn, Little Piddling on the 18th of Juts. Here is a list of what we currently have up for sale:


The Divine Mask
Filled with a divine power, this mask fills it's wearer with strength. Some people say that it's blessed by a god. Others say that it's part of a god. Which is it? Bid for yourself to find out!

Five Fragments Of Genuine Pure Shard
Sold as a group.
These could be fashioned into a weapon, worked into jewelery, or even just put on the mantlepiece.

The Skull of Mystery
Who was he in life? What secrets did he know? Was he killed to hide a terrible truth? What sort of life did he leave? Was he human, elf, or...something else?
No one knows. All that is certain that it contains some sort of enchantment, the nature of which is obfuscated - the potential secrets he hides boggle the mind!

Enchanted Snowglobe
Found within the ruins of Ingolé, it resonates with the power of a mighty ritual. The nature of the great and terrible magic the sorcerers of Ingolé wrought has been lost - could it be the work of the sorcerer for whom the city was named?

Light-Enchanted Sword
Smite the unrighteous with a sword imbued with light! There's no need to fear wraiths or creatures of shadow when you're wielding this blade!

A Wooden Puzzle
Something unique for tonight's auction - a puzzle that will earn you money! The Cult of Ch'Wan has pledged to pay back anyone who can solve this puzzle, plus 50% of what was paid for it. Earn Rava for showing your ingenuity!

A Branch From A Boltab Tree
Own a still-living part of one of Velmaneth's oldest and most venerable trees, anathema to vampires and similar abominations. Plant it for your own personal alchemical supplies, part of a vampire-proof fence or simply use it as a halfling's walking stick!

A Treasure Map
Dare you venture into the Fey Realm in search of the lost treasure of a dead Fey Lord? What object would a mighty Fey hide away from the world? This map, given in trust only to be sold on the event of it's maker's death, will answer your questions, guaranteed to lead you to a treasure that even a Fey would hide!

The Vambraces Of Invincibility
Laugh in the faces of your opponents as their blows are turned away! These metal vambraces will protect your arms from blows by swords, maces, axes - even arrows and crossbow bolts.

The Corrspondence Of Dimitri Tyler
Rumoured to belong to a member of a mysterious cult, these letters by Dimitri Tyler tell of his fears about a coming darkness.
A must-have for aficionados of doomsday cults and fans of the Cult of Ch'Wan!

Silver Bracelet Of Protection
Said to be wrought by master crafters, at the dead of night, during an eclipsed moon, using the sacrifice of a master ritualist, this silver bracelet is brimming with protective magics. It's said to even protect against blows that have already landed!

Armoured Scrying Orb
Ask it a question, and it will grant you three visions. Which is the truth? Which are lies? Is it a lost artefact of Yashmanar? For what purpose was it made?
Perhaps the visions it grants can answer these same questions.

Walking Stick
A finely crafted cane indeed! If you are in need of ambulatory assistance, why no make a statement of it? Or perhaps you simply wish to show off your flair for aesthetics.

The Hide Of A Demon
Taken from a freshly slain Demon of Torment and preserved using an arcane technique known only to few, this hide could be worked into a rug, a beanbag, or some armor by a sufficiently skilled crafter.

Other Items
The Auction is more than happy to sell items on behalf of others, for a percentage of the profits. Just contact them before the auction begins with the item you wish to sell.

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