Duel above Noore I'Meles

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Duel above Noore I'Meles

Postby Ben » Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:51 am

It was hot.

People often talk about the weather, perhaps it proved somehow that they were still alive. At the moment people across Velmaneth were sharing this particular piece of information, sharing it with people who already knew it.

It was hot.

Of course, it was nearly summer. The 21st day of Juts was only a day away: the longest day of the year, midsummer. Those people who were talking about the weather should perhaps have been talking about why the first day of summer was known as midsummer. But of course they were too busy talking about how hot it was.

Quayle had been looking forward to it. It had been Velnashar’s holy day and now it was his. One of his. He’d decided to have the day of his ascendance too. And Annihilation’s. And any day that took his fancy really. The only problem was that due to the nature of chaos, he kept forgetting to organise anything...

He’d enjoyed Farrek’s display, though he had been disappointed that the Rodera hadn’t waited two more weeks. Back to the business in hand, a business that had been going on since the Deliverance of Noore I’Meles...

The two gods fought in the skies above Velmaneth, sword of fire against that of destruction. Though they occasionally landed a blow on each other, neither seemed able to gain the upper hand or indeed be able to harm the other

He hadn’t expected Farrek to destroy the sword, had he been aware he would have ensured that those creatures slain by the sword would not be released upon its destruction. Too late to be concerned about that now.

“You cannot win!” Velnashar screamed as he swiped his sword towards his opponent. Quayle returned his attention to the battle, a battle he’d grown bored of exactly one million seconds ago.
Parry, the two great weapons clashed releasing a roll of thunder across Velmaneth.
“You were beaten by mortals.”
The flaming blade sliced towards the other god.
“They stole your power”
The sword was deflected.
“And you did nothing to stop them.”
The sword thrust towards the other god. Perhaps they couldn’t hurt each other physically but that had touched a nerve.
“The whole world in the palm of your hand and you let it slip through your fingers.”The blow was easily deflected and the blade of destruction pushed home its advantage, driving Velnashar back.
“Beaten by your own offspring.”
Velnashar launched himself at the other deity, knocking the darkened blade away and, with the force of his rage driving the flaming sword, plunged it into the other god’s chest.

Quayle looked at the blade then back to Velnashar. Well that had been unexpected. Though not entirely unwelcome if he was honest.

Annihilation dropped to the floor, his own blade dropping from his hand as Velnashar’s Kiss slid from his chest. For a moment Velnashar looked triumphant.

From his vantage point within the sun, Quayle sighed. This was tedious. He wished he'd manifested and fought the pair of them but he had been concerned that their power might be greater than his. Not even close. He concentrated for a moment, turning the tedium within him to rage and in his rage the sun expanded towards Velmaneth engulfing, swallowing, Velnashar and Annihilation before returning to its normal size. That would get the weather-talkers going, "Did you see the sun get bigger for a moment?" "Yes. Isn't it hot"...

He absorbed the gods into himself, their power, their personalities, their memories until there was nothing left of them. He would not make the same mistake again, no imprisonment, not this time. Turning his attention to the parts of Velnashar’s Bane he combined them with the Sword of Annihilation and Velnashar’s Kiss into a single weapon of destruction. As he felt the darkness flow through him, Quayle hefted the sword that now contained the Furious Blade, the Mace of the Void, Velnashar’s Kiss, Despair’s Sword, Gungrol’s Axe, The Sword of Annihilation. Others? He couldn't remember now.

As he felt its weight he knew that it needed a name. It was no longer Velnashar’s Bane, it contained so much more. It was the Vorpal Sword, the Morningstar, the Blade the East, Havoc, Wrath, the Firebrand and a thousand other names but as the darkness of Annihilation and Velnashar spread through him, a name called out: the sword would be known as Ruin.

Quayle’s Ruin.

It was hot.
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