For the Empress of Serke Kemi

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For the Empress of Serke Kemi

Postby Luke » Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:28 pm

Finding a scribe who could write in Kanji was difficult. Finding one who could be trusted not to reveal it's contents was easier. It was amazing how convincing a sword can be.

For the attention of Her Untouched Grace, the Divine Empress of Serke Kemi,

I am writing to report on my first findings of the Eastern Lands. There is much to say and I will attempt to keep things brief.

1) The peoples of the East are barbaric in almost every way. They treat essence and magic like a drug, they use it without caution or refrain and seek to solve every problem with rituals.
2) They sympathise with possessed souls. I was able to slay one demon a day for my first three days here and several occasions were met with confusion and questions.
3) They like to talk, the only thing they like more than talking is making war. This is especially true of Elves and Humans who are mortal enemies and will use any means to kill each other, especially with magic. They even throw their temples at each other as siege weapons.
4) They crave being ruled and are obsessed with who rules them, but they also all wear crowns wherever they can. This is particularly true again of humans and elves whose sense of self importance is overwhelming.
5) They know nothing of Serke Kemi and its strengths and cultures.

Only two peoples acquitted themselves with any honour or restraint;

1) The first is Doki Rinseii Sword of Lung Wang. He is not tainted by essence as you would expect and I would urge you to invite him to Serke Kemi to visit the imperial palace. He has not forgotten our ways and with some persuading I believe he would give up his power and humble himself. He would make an excellent candidate for the Arbatim.
2) The Orcs are a noble and strong people. They hold similar values of honour and brotherhood to our kind. They fight with valor and act with restraint.

Already in three short days the essence heroes nearly destroyed the planet and wiped out Serke Kemi. I swear it upon my new forged blade; The Blazing Claw. They show absolute disregard for our fair island and will do anything to gain more power and magic.

My advice can only be;

Prepare for war. It will be upon us soon. Their lands are plagued with undead and still they fight each other. They will look to your land and its civilised people with hungry eyes.

Alert the Wu Jen. Round up the tribes and form a defence. Our nation is great, and it will flourish while the East is dying. Only with strength can we hope to prevail.

In my travels I have encountered Quayle, the Furious Saviour. He has explained to me how the East truly is. With his help, and the help of Lung Wang I was able to forge Blazing Claw with divine fire and life. As always, it belongs to you.

I await your orders.

With honour and revelation.

Ten Tigers Arbatim.
Warryn Coshwood - Diamond Elf Paladin of Gerethenax
Ten Tigers - Serkanian Furious Blade
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