The Prophecies of Farrek Char.

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The Prophecies of Farrek Char.

Postby Peter Levy » Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:08 pm

Envoys from the Rodera distribute pieces of paper around Pargon. Each page has a fragment of a sentence written on it. They are described as prophecies, but nobody knows how they were discovered. They are written by Farrek Char, but nobody know which clauses actually fit together.

A poisonous shadow removed,

As the moon descends,

An old friend unmasked,

When Asternia smiles,

On a General's whim,

thirteen candles will be extinguished, and

freedom will be brief, but

the son of Harwood will see truth, and

a land beyond the sea triumphs, so

tragedy will befall the ascended, and

the seventh son will be revealed.

they will fall from memory.

a great mind shall restore the world.

the world shall be cleansed.

the divided shall be whole.

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