Dreams (Player Brief for 7/9/13)

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Dreams (Player Brief for 7/9/13)

Postby Peter Levy » Tue Sep 03, 2013 4:05 pm

A figure has started to appear more and more frequently in your dreams. A small humanoid shape made of fire. At first it was a background figure, watching almost. There, on the edge of view was this little fiery shape. In the dream where you faced off against your childhood rival in a competition of wits, the fiery shape was there. In the sequence where you leapt from rooftop to rooftop, the fiery shape jumped with you. When you dreamt about opening the mysterious chest at the foot of a strange bed, the fiery shape was looking over your shoulder.

Others have noticed the same thing; or at least they think they remember it. But then you have a dream that no-one would forget:

It is dark. To each side of you, a slight shimmering seems to distract you. Suddenly, or perhaps it was there all along, the fiery figure is in front of you; far closer than ever before. She's a girl. A girl made of fire. She smiles and the flames brighten.
You greet her, ask her her name.
"My name is Singe. Pleased to meet you!"
She holds her breath, and the flames around her diminish slightly. She extends her hand, and you shake it. She snaps her hand back, exhaling. The fires return.
"Would you like to play a game?"

It's hard to tell whether you said yes or no, but beside you there is a table. Singe is now standing behind it.

"Do you like cards? I do. I used to have some very special cards. They were fun."

On the table is a deck of cards. Singe holds her breath and spreads the cards around the table.

"Go on. Pick one!"
She sees you're nervous, or perhaps you question her.
"I don't know what will happen. Nobody does. That's how the game works."
She seems upset at your hesitance. Then grumpy. Then angry.
"Pick a card!"

You take a card. You look at the face of it, then up at Singe. She smiles, and fades.

When you wake up, the dream still at the centre of your memory, you notice something amiss about your bed. There's something else present. After a couple of moments, you notice it: that's your card on the pillow.

Asking around, divination, plain guess-work all lead you to one person: The Fortune Teller, who lives on the edge of the forests of Nandine.

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