Onlurin v Silver: the Rematch

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Onlurin v Silver: the Rematch

Postby Ben » Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:23 pm

The demonic queen lay dead, her power swirling upwards into the maroon and black robed figure standing over her.
“It was nothing personal.” Silver muttered, Belbarith’s power flooding his body.


Within the circle, Silver stood, bristling with magical energy. He was connected to the jewel through the power of ritual and connected to the power of ritual using the jewel. Soon.

Silver turned to see the God of Magic standing behind him. “Onlurin, it has been a while.”
“I killed you before, this time I will destroy you.”
“Not this time.”
Onlurin strode into the circle, destroying the ritual as he went. “Did you think that would stop me? I am the God of Magic, the God of Rituals!”
“Yes. But perhaps not for much longer.”
“You think you can best me, demon? I was created to quell the threat of your kind.”
“Yes. You bound them to Serke Kemi and left them there to destroy it and the people there. Perhaps that’s the real reason they hate magic so much.”
“Enough words. Fight or be destroyed.” Onlurin shouted, advancing on the silver skinned demon.
“Power Font.” Silver whispered, snap casting the spell.
Onlurin laughed “You intend to fight me with magic?”
“Implode” replied Silver, the magic flying from the demon striking Onlurin who recoiled in pain.
“What!?” Onlurin roared.
“I said Implode” Silver snap cast the spell again and it struck the God of Magic, knocking him off his feet.
“Impode.” Silver strode towards the fallen god “Implode. Implode. Implode”
Silver stopped and turned away, smiling. There was a sound behind him and Onlurin rose to his feet, wreathed in elemental power that lashed out.
“Divine-o Barragi...”
“Reflection Shield.” Silver barked, snap casting the sixth level spell.
“...oh.” Onlurin was struck by the vast amount of magic and sent reeling forty feet.
Silver advanced “Implode. Implode. Implode.” As he got close he scratched a rune in the ground. “Contingent Glyph, one hundred Implodes against Onlurin” every second Onlurin was struck by the glyph, until he managed to roll out of range and still Silver advanced.
“You...can’t...use...power font on...” the Lord of Magic started as he pulled himself to his feet.
“In a ritual circle, you can do anything. You should have learnt that.” Silver spat and Onlurin realised the buzz of a much larger circle that had surrounded the area where he had destroyed the first. Desperately he began to crawl towards the edge.
“Impenetrable Ward.” shouted the demon.
“Tele...” Onlurin bagan desperately.
“I deny that spell.” Silver hissed in an instant. “Teleport.” Silver arrived, standing on Onlurin’s back and the god of magic dropped to the floor. “Contingency Other. Magic Immunity. Now.” Silver murmured as he kicked Onlurin in the face. The God of Magic howled in pain, cut off from the magic of the world, he felt as if he’d been ripped into a thousand pieces, his eyes and ears torn from his body but at least Silver couldn’t harm him anymore.
Silver reached down and lightly touched Onlurin’s head “Overchannel Share Power” and the Lord of Magic felt the fonted power flow into him. He howled in pain, turning over onto his back and lashed out at Silver’s arm with a sword sharp enough to sever it but as it made contact he just felt more pain as his own arm dropped from his body.
“Cheat Death.” muttered Silver as he stepped over Onlurin before turning back and waving his hand “Overchannel Repulse.”
Onlurin was forced back, rolling across the ground back into the Contingent Glyph that once more activated, blasting his body although this time with little effect as he was immune to magic.
“I release Magical Immunity,” came Silver’s voice followed swiftly by “Mana Drain.”
Onlurin screamed in pain as the Implodes began to wrack his body once more and he tried to crawl away.
“Repulsion Wall.” the spell surrounded him, trapping him in with the glyph and he was repulsed back and forth as the magic of the glyph struck him again and again and again.
Silver stood and watched as the God of Magic was destroyed. Onlurin had suffered more by the breaking of the laws of magic than anything else, the magic show had been to make him suffer an ignoble end.

From Onlurin’s corpse the power flowed into Silver and the demon roared.
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Re: Onlurin v Silver: the Rematch

Postby Ben » Mon Sep 09, 2013 4:08 pm

“I suppose you are wondering why I have summoned you here.” Silver announced to the group surrounding him.
“You cannot defeat all of us.” came the level, earthy tone of Gerethanax.
Silver laughed “Defeat you?”
“You killed Onlurin.” the woman replied, accusingly.
“Asternia, my dear, he started it.”
“And you finished it.” the man in red muttered.
“Consider yourself lucky I didn’t come for you instead.”
Quayle grunted “If you want to try, I’m right here.”
“Perhaps, in time, but for now I have a gift for each of you.”
“A gift?” Lemrah piped up.
“Careful. It could be a trap.”
“No tricks.” Silver replied “No traps.” he opened his hand and within were six glowing orbs of various colours which he handed out.
“What is it?” Asternia whispered marvelling at the yellow orb.
“Light Magic. Both literally and figuratively the sphere of Light. I gift it to you.”
The others beheld their own orbs.
“So this is Air magic? All of it?” whispered Lemrah, cradling the blue orb.
“And this is water?” said Lavalas, green orb held out.
“Obviously.” muttered Quayle pocketing the red orb.
“Yes,” Silver repeated. “Quayle has fire, Lazar has shadow, Yashmanar has metamagic and life will be handed over to Lenamo in the fullness of time.”
“What about death?” Lazar asked carefully.
“Onlurin never controlled it, ask Quarin if you’re interested.” Silver replied flippantly.
“Why are you doing this?” Quayle asked, carefully examining the teeth of the steed he’d been gifted.
“No one should be ruler of all magic, it makes one deity too powerful. It allows them to take power away from any other deity just because they choose to do so. Now that power has been divided.” and it means Onlurin cannot come back unless you all decide to give that power up. Which you won’t. “Enjoy your new power and remember who gave it to you should I need assistance in the future.”
“So we are indebted to you?” Lazar muttered.
“Yes. Yes you are. I have just given you a massive boon and that means you are in my debt. There’s nothing mystical about that, you are not bound by magic or anything like that but should I ask a favour in the future I hope you’ll remember this moment when you consider whether to comply or not.” Silver smiled and the room faded, the gods returning to their previous locations.
"And unconscious people always count as willing"

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