Incident at Lenamo's Sanctuary.

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Incident at Lenamo's Sanctuary.

Postby Peter Levy » Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:33 pm

Two men approach the inner temple of Lenamo. They are immediately accosted by half a dozen guards.

Can't go in there, sirs.

Why not?
Responded the taller man, dressed in white robes, bearing the livery of the Cult of Ch'Wan.

This is for senior members of the Church only.
We were sent here by a man called Archanon, a devout follower of your version of my god. He carried the Book of Vitea.
Why would our priests send outlaws to us?
Probably because of this...

He produces a finely crafted sword. It glows with a silvery-white power.

That's not what I think it is, is it?
Well, I can't read your mind...
He turns to the other man, who smirks back.
Yes. This is Nature's Wrath.
You should have this here.
Thank you, sirs.
Obviously there are conditions...
Such as?
You must correct your faith. Renounce Firin.
We do not worship Firin.
That's not what we demand. There is no Firin; only Lenamo, god of Life and Death.
Lenamo protects those who live, and would give life back to this world.
New life, yes. Not those who have passed. We have one life, we choose how we live it. Now you must choose what will happen with yours...

I will not change my beliefs for you.

Faster than anyone could see, the first man swung out his arm, knocking the guard clean off his feet. The second man vanished. The other guards jumped on the man in white, who fought them off with his bare hands. The sword of Life should never take a life. After a few moments of brawling, the second man walked out of the temple door, clutching a dark stone bird.

The two men forced their way out, leaving behind the sword. The Church of Lenamo was left in confusion. Fair trade, thought the Ch'Wan.

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