Incident at Little Piddling.

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Incident at Little Piddling.

Postby Peter Levy » Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:56 am

**Ten ritualists enter the circle at the centre of the village. They place a dark stone bird on the ground, and each places a sword upon it.**

"In the 6th month of the 163rd year a great darkness shall rise. Its army shall be seven beasts. None shall stand before To'Krein but Ch'Wan."

**They begin to circle, keeping the point of their blades in contact with the Birdstone.**

"This is that darkness."

**In unison, they raise their swords above their heads.**

"We are Ch'Wan."

**A huge ritual circle builds, white energy swirling around the cultists. One of the ten steps into the centre of their ring of swords.**

"Today we banish To'Krein, the Djinn. The Djinn was born of Fey and Fire. The Fey Lord of Death brought the Fey to the Hopewastes, where he found much of Velnashar's power. He took this power into himself. The power of Chaos. The power of Destruction. A creature of Death, Flames and Anarchy; an Evil being. He was imprisoned within this stone by our brother, Dimitri Tyler. Working with Kan Slaar, Dimitri endeavoured to ensure that the Dead remain in the Wastes, and that no one individual could threaten Kan Slaar as gatekeeper of the land of the dead."
"Dimitri, Our Brother!"
"But they were betrayed. An Undead in the Djinn's debt released him from the Hopewastes. He also brought into our world The Herald. The Herald, though a Wraith, is still a Fey at heart. He spread the lie that the Djinn must be released. Through his actions, his magical assaults, he convinced the Heroes to release him. The world was almost ended. The Herald lied."
"Trust not the Wraith."
"But we reversed it. The simple act of slaying one of the To'Krein creatures reversed the Djinn's actions. But we cannot allow this to happen again. There are six To'Krein. We can't keep doing this. So, today we end it once and for all."
"Father Lenamo gave us one life. In His name, we return this beast to death!"

**They bring their swords down onto the Birdstone, channeling all of their energy, all of their souls into the attack. There is an enormous flash of brilliant white light that erupts from the circle, stinging the eyes of all those who glimpsed it for miles around. The village shakes, crumbles. The ground quakes, collapses. The light fades, revealing the ruins of Little Piddling; the new landslides. A hole begins to form in the circle under where the Birdstone was. In place of the Birdstone is a pile of wooden shapes, which tumble down the hole. Someone picks a few of them up. He strokes something resembling a moustache, and grins broadly.**
"A giffft."

**On a hillside nearby, a black, ethereal figure with a white mask and blue robes stands proud. He holds out an arm, and a shadowy, magical bird lands upon it. The bird turns to stone.**

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