Weaving Faith.

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Weaving Faith.

Postby Plot Bot » Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:39 pm

Patience, that was something you learned when you were left to your own devices in a twisting nether of thought and form, watching things slip by and change as liquid. Much had come and gone and come again as the Spider waited in its annex for its appointed time to come and it had both explored this realm as well as listened, hearing the words and whispers of faith from beyond the border. These things it had taken it, absorbed of itself as it had done much of this place and in doing so it had already garnered many guises for itself...but the time was closing for one to be chosen and both it, and this annex, knew as such.

In its 'web' it shifted and reached out to the world of Velmaneth that existed beyond the borders of one side of this place and with the help of the faith it had stored it strove to burrow a hole into the world of Velmaneth, create a portal through which it could allow others into its place. Its existence had come about through beings of the real world and so its definition must come by them as well. Many would come, it knew, seeking to claim/bind/help/name it but only a select few would be chosen, they would have to prove themselves first.

In the material world of Velmaneth there was a fluctuation, a disturbance of sort echoing out from the lower slopes of Mount Heart. Those most connected to faith felt it strongest of all as a wave in the very nature of that energy. It was in this place the portal would soon form and it was from here energy began to radiate and grow flowing out into the world like a sirens song.

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