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A New Player

Postby Move Made » Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:07 pm

Two figures sat at either side of a board that was only illuminated by a dim light above. It was a game, apparently, though none anyone but they would recognise. It was just for the two of them, or at least it had been for the last few years now, played back and forth with no end in sight. Now the game was changing, elements shifting as they did from time to time but in such a way that perhaps an end was finally coming.
"If things keep up like this we shall have to find a new game to play soon, I don't know what I'll do with myself should it come to that.", one figure spoke from the darkness, his voice smooth like silk being dragged over the edge of knife, " I do so hate boredom, finding new playthings has grown tiresome. "
"Your boredom will mean little very shortly, with my sisters ascension everything is as I have planned it to be. The Great War looms before the world and soon everything shall burn in it.", the other offered, the voice decidedly feminine but heavy, gruff almost. Certainly no 'lady' by such a standard that could be determined by sound.
"Your...confidence in this is most assuring. However are you certain you have accounted for every possibility in this?"
"You know full well I have, we have been over this far to many times. You need merely do your part as you have been told as ever."
"As you say, of course...ah, it seems my guest has finally arrived."
There was the shifting, the sound of what might have been a chair being slid up and then a single long fingered, feminine hand reaching out and placing but a single piece in the middle of the board that was arrayed. It was apparently shaped like a pinecone.
"Really?", there was a hint of amusement there.
"Apparently so...but the symbol is of little matter at this point. It will suffice for my purposes.", the newcomer spoke, this voice ranging somewhere between the two others but decidedly feminine to, "It is nice to finally meet you both by the way. Thankyou Sister for arranging this."
"I did it not for thanks but to make THEM pay for what has been done and HIM for what he did to me also.", anger resounding in the words.
"Still can't bring yourself to say names hm? Well I suppose thats fine. You should perhaps curb the rage for now though. You still have much to do and you should do so while I bring your new Sister up to date."
"Yes...Indeed. I shall see you both very soon then. Sister, we shall speak more.", there was a brief burst of reddish light then as one of those present vanished leaving the others alone.

"Rather rude really, she didn't even ask your name...what is it anyway?", The shaded one asked curiously.
"Spiter? The Web-Spinner? Call me whichever you prefer...and you needn't explain anything, I understand perfectly. I was given a sense of clarity after all."
"And she assumed she had foreseen everything...thank goodness I was prepared for something like this."
"Pragmatic much hm?"
"But of course...I do wish to come out alive in all of this no matter what after all.", he spoke, his voice then descending into a near dark purr, "Now...talk with me on what this clarity has shown you..."

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