The Barricades and Beyond.

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The Barricades and Beyond.

Postby Peter Levy » Sun Apr 13, 2014 2:09 pm

At the foot of Mount Heart, the hastily-constructed wall gives way to a series of platforms rising up the hillside. On the Gweria side are thousandfold spikes and pits to slow the inevitable tide that will soon strike. Near the platforms is the entrance to the mountain, the Buried world of the Old Heartlands. To the South is a cliff descending into whatever remains of Noore I'Meles, a faint shimmer rising from it, an ominous purple mist behind. There is no birdsong in the morning, the streams run with dark, toxic water, the grass grows brown. The land is dying...

A guard notices a figure on one of the easternmost platforms. A crouching humanoid shape in black robes. He wears a black mask covering his face; a mask with two black horns curving up from its top.
"You there!"
The other guards jump up, and raise their weapons, slowly inching toward him.
"State your name and business!"
"Oh... You needn't fear me, human."
"Who are you? You're not undead..."
"Quite right, I am not."
"What do you want?"
"My Home."
"Your what?"

The figure in black points to the mists. Almost on cue, the mist begins to shift. The air seems to thicken and cool. Slowly the purple mist rises, still caught behind the barriers placed at the border. As it rises it turns to cloud, and rain falls to the ground of Noore I'Meles. A the mists, the clouds and the rain parts, the men of Sinya Palurin's Eastern Army can see into the new land.

Before them, at the base of the cliffs, is a vast stretch of blackened rock, carved into a maze of canyons and ravines. Gazing into the middle of this vast labyrinth, those with keener eyes can make out one larger crater. Some claim to see tiny specks of light and smoke from within it. Beyond the canyons, at the very limit of their sight is an area of raised ground, like a flat-topped mountain. Atop this is what might be a town, with some visible towers and domes. Rising from the centre of it is a tall column of stone, surrounded by white-leaved trees. Light bathes this mountaintop more so than any other part of the land.

"There. My right. My blade. My Kingdom."

As the guards turn to face the shadowy figure, he fades from view. He was fondling something between his fingers; a small wooden token. The soldiers chatted confusedly among themselves until they are ordered back to their stations. The barricades continue to grow. The armies of the Soulless shall soon be upon them.

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