An Invitation.

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Peter Levy
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An Invitation.

Postby Peter Levy » Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:11 pm


The Church of Quayos invite all to a Midsummer banquet at the Piddle Inn Feasting Hall.

There will be fine food and fun games aplenty. Come one, come all. Enjoy the night's chaos, and destroy all the food!

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Re: An Invitation.

Postby Luke » Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:38 pm

Ten Tigers had been awaiting a ship to take him home when he saw the invitation.

Can we go? Please? Please? Pleeeeeeaaaassseee??

He felt a small tug at his kimono, as that of a child trying to lead him towards food or fun. He sighed and then replied,
We should go home. Things have happened. We need to make a decision North or Sou...

But Quayle has invited you, and we owe him a deep debt of gratitude, Arbatim.

Don't call me that, it isn't accurate.

Oh, so, the Empress is in love and now you've lost your job? How does that make sense?

I don't know, but the court have dissolved the Lotus Arbat.

Start a new one. You still want to protect her, everyone does.

It isn't that simple.

Well you know what is simple? Partying. And destruction. But I think we'll go for the partying this time.

He found himself half way down the road towards Piddling without noticing. Outwardly he sighed, but he knew he was relieved. Time to make THAT decision another day.

Ten Tigers.
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