The Oldest and Strongest Emotion

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The Oldest and Strongest Emotion

Postby Dellam » Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:31 pm

The first few went unnoticed by the world at large, but then wasn't that how problems usually started? That some people were sleeping in didn't seem like a concern at first until they stayed sleeping for hours that turned into days. No potion or magic could rouse them in any traditional, and sometimes nontraditional, fashion and in small pockets panic began to form. What was worse were those were just the lucky ones, as it became evident shortly after the crisis began. Others sat up in their sleep, eyes wide and seemingly responsive...except they weren't, at least not in any way anyone expected. There was thought, personality, ability but whatever the person inside was seeing wasn't what was really happening. They spoke and lashed out as if the world around them was the worst place imaginable. In one case a budding young human fire mage named Dale managed to burn his family, his home and himself alive all the while screaming about 'the man always watching him from the corner', or at least so the neighbors told such after from what they could hear.

Even those not affected by being trapped in their sleep seemed affected to, nightmares suddenly appearing more vibrant, more life like then usual which perhaps was where the trap lay? Nobody knew for sure and the situation with the first, admittedly small for the time being, number of deaths started to take quite the grim turn. Nor was this isolated to just humans either for in pockets among all the peoples of Velmaneth the same trend began to form and it became disturbingly clear that something was terribly wrong in the realm of dreams...


Ten years now, ten years it had been since Simon Thistle had smote down Neffekeffen the God of Madness and Insanity, ten years since a group of heroes whom counted Quayle among their number had freed him and elected him protector of the sleep of the living. The so-called God of Dreams and Nightmares now, some might say, or protector of dreams to others. On this powerful day a message went out, an invitation to all those who fought and struggled for the world whether they had essence or not and it read thus:

To Whom it May Concern,

Before us lies an issue that has formed in the world of dreams and this must not do.

I cordially invite you to a most pleasant dinner where I shall provide you with the knowledge and means to fix the issue so that the sleepers may awaken and the world shall be set back on its correct course.

This shall take place upon the coming holy day of Simon Thistle, an anniversary of his rise to give such things power.

With the Kindest regards,

Jacob Thistle

With each came a small scribbled map to a house, clearly written in haste if one was to consider just how many of these must have gone out and admittedly, some looked to be more lazily drawn than others but it was clear that a time and place had been drawn up and as many as possible were to attend.
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