A week later...

The new homeland of the Elven people. Formerly The Bastion of Hope, Brockman Isle, The Colourful Isle and (before that) The Sea

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A week later...

Postby Phil.Priest » Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:28 pm

It had only been a week.

A week since they had stood against a half dozen Gods. A week since Velnashar had been destroyed.
A week of recuperation after channeling more magic than anyone ever had before.

The seven days had been busy on Coshwood Isle. The mages of The Font had utilised all of their arts to improve the island where it they could, this land was no longer just a temporary safehaven - it was their home.

A site for the High King's palace was located and marked out. The Earthshapers of the Font would soon begin manipulating the stone and earth to create a suitable place for their King and his brothers.

Those adept in Meta magic and rituals had begun working to shield the isle from scrying.

The Font's library was removed overnight, until they had a new centre for their magic it would be kept safely in place where none could tred without permission.

Throughout the Week Darvan spent time with Fledgling and Erathil, once he would be seen appearing briefly in the Boltab Grove and a large tree marked with a Pheonix. None bar those already informed, unless needed, were told what was taking place... they knew this process would take several months and once it was started Erathil could pass the burden to his Fledgling and lead his people once more.
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Re: A week later...

Postby Ben » Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:07 pm

Two members of the Font approached D'arvan. D'arvan recognised them as the Patriachs of Life and Death, the Arch Soul Weaver and Arch Spirit Weaver who also held the title of Prelate Absolute.

"Our work has been successful Archprelate." smiled the Soul Weaver.
"I would like it noted that I have only worked on this project due to my loyalty to the Font and the Elven people. I would ask that it is used as a threat to save Elven lives rather than deployed." he hands over a small vial and a scroll.

Elven Sunrise
The disease is not intrinsically magical yet required the magics of Life and Death in its creation (along with some element of ritual).

The disease is quite simple in that it slowly eats away at the soul. However, simultaneously the soul's latent regenerative properties are activated and enhanced, seemingly repairing the soul so that the infected person does not even realise there is anything wrong (with the exception of mild nausea). This may seem counter-productive so let me explain using magical terminology.

The 'death' part of the disease works similarly to casting Despair every few minutes. The 'life' part of the disease is similar to constantly casting a Hearten spell. However, unlike magical Heartening of the soul, this builds and builds upon itself. Casting Cure Disease ends the soul damage and the Heartening effect. If the person's soul has been damaged enough (approximately an hour and a half after infection in most subjects) they die instantly. At sunrise, the Hearten is naturally dispelled (as the spell would be) and the subject usually dies from massive soul damage at that point. A good night's rest is usually enough for the body to fight off the disease which also removes the heartening effect, usually leading to death.

The disease is extremely virulent, requiring only brief skin contact to pass between individuals and remains in the body for some hours after death occurs. It can also survive outside the body in water or on surfaces for several minutes. Although our people can carry the disease, it only affects those without intrinsic magic (NOT essence, this refers to the innate magical abilities of the Elves although some lesser races - namely Dragonkin, Fey and Black Shirikan - are also immune).

The discerning of soul will not show any malady and sensing power on an infected individual will only reveal the life magic. Identifying that magic will only reveal the nature of the life magic: a powerful heartening. Only those immune to scrying attempts have been allowed to assist on the project so queries as to its origin should be hidden.
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