Events in Motion

The new homeland of the Elven people. Formerly The Bastion of Hope, Brockman Isle, The Colourful Isle and (before that) The Sea

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Events in Motion

Postby Dellam » Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:09 pm

Sometimes in this world two people meet and no matter what differences there may be they have a connection, something special and unique that attempts to cross all boundaries. Against all reason some went on to act on such feelings and urges no matter how ill advised they might be, no matter the pain that the ending of such things often caused for those involved and those around. Such was the way between these two....She was an air elf, her name was Al'Ana and her family was well known and respected. He was Geodrin, an earth elf who was little more then a simple soldier albeit a stoic and dependable one much as any of his people.

How it started well...that was of little matter in the ling run for it was the end that mattered and came to pass one fateful night. They had agreed to meet alone, in the dark near a small pong as they had done many times before. They spent whatever time they could away from their separate lives together and found pleasure in such dalliance. It was special to them however wrong it might have been to some but even as they lay together beside the still water in the dark other forces were in play to destroy what should have been an idyllic scene.

Earth elves were often said to be slow even for their strength and endurance, some having proved this more then most, but on this night Geodrin was not as slow as one might have thought of him. He heard a whisper in the night, caught a shift in the dark and managed to roll onto his side long enough to put his back in the way of a bolt that would have flown over him to take Al'Ana, crying out as it dug into his shoulder blade and leaving the feel of blood running even as a heat spread out into him from the wound that could only have been the bite of something poisonous on the tip of the object. Al'Ana reacted just as quickly given the opportunity bought by Geodrin and sat up, flinging an arm out with every intent to send an arc of lightening out into the dark. She never got the chance though as something looped around her throat and snapped tight, drawing spots before her eyes as it hauled her up and then a sharp blow sending her into her own darkness quickly enough. Her body was hauled up over a shoulder, carried by one hooded figure even as another moved to stand over Geodrin's body.

"Pity...he was such a pretty one too...", a voice murmured, looking down on the figure even as he squirmed and clawed at the grass in his last, "I suppose the girl will have to do instead...Let us go..."

With that the two moved off into the night, blending with the shadows of the night as if they belonged there leaving blood and death in their wake. By morning all would wonder what had happened and perhaps blame would be laid at many doors even as no tracks would be found to discover where the girl had gone.
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