The High Priest.

The new homeland of the Elven people. Formerly The Bastion of Hope, Brockman Isle, The Colourful Isle and (before that) The Sea

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The High Priest.

Postby Peter Levy » Sat Aug 31, 2013 8:15 pm

The ethereal form of a winged Rodera appears at the Font, magical power exuding from him. Several there recognise him. He does not speak until he finds D'Arvan.

"I created that spell to send letters, not as a weapon."

Farrek's voice is somehow hollow, distant, otherworldly. He holds two pieces of paper in his hand, both marked 'To Sylas Sage'.

"Message. A Fourth Rank spell in the Second circle of Metamagic. It will teleport a single piece of paper to a specified target. Only the paper will be transported. Spells attached to the paper will henceforth fail. That is my ruling."

His form shifts, growing in both stature and power. This is not Farrek Char, this is Onlurin, god of Magic.

"Teleport will only work on someone who is willing. Contingency does not require the beneficiary, or target to be willing to receive the spell. The spell bound to the Contingency functions exactly as the spell would if cast anew. In short, you cannot teleport someone against their will. At all.

You should know better. You are my High Priest... What's done is done, but it cannot be repeated."

The ritual marking on D'Arvan's skin begins to burn.

"You have built up a great institution here. The Font of Power and Knowledge is a triumph of Elven thought, study and devotion. You have led a great many people to follow the power of magic, in my name. You have taught a great many reverence for the power that flows from the Jewel, and the limits I have placed upon its use. Your institution, too has rules. Anyone abusing magic will find they can no longer access its power.

Let us examine that word, abusing. Ab is a prefix deriving from the word 'away'. To abuse something is to take it away from its intended use. Abuse is the improper usage or treatment of an entity, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit. The actions taken against William Harwood could not be defined in any other term than abuse. Therefore, at the very least by your own rule, and by my judgement, you will not be able to perform acts of magic from this moment on."

The ritual marking suddenly freezes, searing through D'Arvan's very soul. The world looks paler, feels colder, sounds duller.

"But I am a forgiving god."

The anguish of the ritual subsides a little.

"There is a condition under which you can use magic, D'Arvan Weyoun. You have been a strong leader of my church, you are personally responsible for expanding the scope of my power as Lord of all Magics. Because of your exemplary service, I am giving you a second chance. One less caster in the world serves me not. There are people who wish my power be given to another. People who would see me usurped. The greedy, ambitious, fallen former god, Silver. He is returned. His form is altered, he is not yet a deity, but in time he could be. I will allow you to continue to cast magic, but only with the express purpose of destroying the Cult of Silver. When all chance of his rise is removed, I shall restore your magical powers. I know you, and you will find many ways to make it seem that what you are doing will be to this effect, while also benefiting you or your friends.

I will be watching you."

Onlurin departs from Velmaneth. His High Priest has penance to do.

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Re: The High Priest.

Postby Ben » Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:28 am

There are always consequences.

D'arvan had cast the spell to teleport Harwood into the Hope Wastes and started a chain of events that had led here.

In his visions D'arvan saw a group of severly injured men and women led, presumably, by Flash Coshwood. They carried the body of Harwood and before them stood Ilver, first of Silver's servants. Had Harwood not been there they would not have travelled to the Wastes. Had they not travelled to the Wastes they would not be here.

"It is simple." Ilver said "Use the power of Risk to return Silver and I will give you what you want." he held a necklace of power in his outstretched hand.

Had they not travelled to the Wastes they would have been able to defeat Ilver and take the necklace, this much D'arvan was sure but they had lost several members and now had little left to fight with.

Fight. He tried to urge Flash. Fight. But no...they agreed and as the necklace was handed over, D'arvan sensed the power of Risk building and building and then the power of Silver being wrenched from the worlds beneath the Hope Wastes and bound with the spirit of Silver restored by his faithful at the beginning of the year.
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