Somewhere out at sea

The new homeland of the Elven people. Formerly The Bastion of Hope, Brockman Isle, The Colourful Isle and (before that) The Sea

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Somewhere out at sea

Postby Erynion » Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:42 pm

Aboard the ship of the Lucky Sea Lion Anthony and the Captain were talking about the events that had taken place at little Piddling.

So now the world is different and I see it for what it is. The oppertunities are limitless now thanks to the auction. But we need to be careful with our next move. Plan it carefully, and definitely get the casino open for business. Speaking of business I sold a piece of armour to a boy called Pinecone and he didn't pay me for it. We will need to pay him a visit and get our money or make an example of him.

Anthony then showed the captain his spoils from the auction.

Where are we heading to now Captain?
Erynion - Possessed wood elf - Dead again
Quinn - The jester - Dead
Anthony Landon - How much you paying?
Chase - The hunter - only nice character I seem to have :)

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