Preparations for Battle

The new homeland of the Elven people. Formerly The Bastion of Hope, Brockman Isle, The Colourful Isle and (before that) The Sea

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Preparations for Battle

Postby Phil.Priest » Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:36 pm

Months of research, planning and politics on Coshwood isle had kept Darvan busy. It was rare that he was seen outside of the library, Erathil’s court or meetings with the Senior members of the Font.

It was, therefore, quite a surprise when a message from the High Sorcerer went out to several commanders:
An urgent message has been received from the Dwarves – Naukos is under attack from Undead. Assemble your men and gather at the training yard for immediate transportation.


Other messages instructed mages of all ilk to gather. Gossip spread like wildfire – they were invading Naukos! Naukos was sinking and they were helping evacuate. The dwarves needed support from an attack.

As the units assembled so to did several of the generals who had gotten wind of the up coming battle. “Generals,” greeted the sorcerer “an urgent message from Naukos has been received – they are being attacked by Undead and seek our aid. Seems word is out that we are expecting trades from the dwarves… someone doesn’t want it getting through to us.”

The generals nod and begin some fast paced planning, “once you are prepared, ask for Sindarin and she will coordinate the transportation to the ship.” with his parting words Darvan retreats leaving the generals to do their job.

Soon after leaving the generals he vanishes from the assembled Font members with a select few…
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Re: Preparations for Battle

Postby Edd » Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:26 pm

Fledgling materialises in amongst the preparing generals.

"Right, what's the plan then?"

He claps his hands together and smiles in a manner that isn't really like him at all. His eyes have a different gleam, as he wears a green tabard tied in a belt around his blue, high-elven one.

He surveys the area, hand near his sword, ready to fight should the undead come near the isle...
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