A letter for Caspian

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A letter for Caspian

Postby Littleben » Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:13 pm

A young man, a courier, carrying a letter from Fern Thistle was seen travelling the lands of the newly formed Coshwood, in search for Prince Caspian, son of Erathil and leader of the Elven people. Upon reaching the Prince’s quarters the courier spoke to the guards for a long while trying to persuade the delivery of this letter. After a long conversation back and forth, one of the guards took the letter and read it. It reads:

Prince Caspian,

I, Fernando Thistle, am writing for you in request of your support. You may know me, you may know of me, we may have crossed paths once, I can’t remember. I believe what I am about to put forth to you is in your best interests as the leader of the Elven people. In this time of peace, I am setting up a task force, an organisation, in order to prevent political criminals from emerging from any of the nations. Therefore I ask for support from you, on behalf of your nation, in helping me build this force. Explicitly, I am asking for one member from each nation as a representative if you can see the benefit behind the existence of this. I am happy to meet in person to discuss further if you desire.

Fernando Thistle.
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