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The homeland of the humans and location of the Telerfret city Ingolé, the Larkant city of Mahtar, the Everni city of Nandine and the ruins of the capital city of Sanga

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Ramshackle Forge

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Beads of sweat formed at the smith’s brow beginning the slow descent across his aged face, pausing briefly before dripping down to his chin. Small beads came together there, coalescing into a larger droplet anxiously awaiting its fate. The powerful yet measured strike of his hammer against steel caused the droplet to wobble back and forth before it finally detached, falling gracefully. The droplet, unaware of its impending doom, hurtled towards the forge fire before ending its short lived existence with a small hiss.

The smith worked on, oblivious to the trials and tribulations of water droplets. His focus was single minded – hammer, steel, hammer, steel. The sword was beginning to take shape; it glowed white hot in the forge fire before being plunged into a cask of water, causing it to hiss and bubble. The sword was thrown into a pile of many, perhaps 30. It had been a long day, and there were longer days still.

A small orc boy, no taller than 3ft came rushing into the workshop swinging a wooden sword and giggling to himself.
“Dad! Dad! I killed a dragon!”
The smith chuckled from somewhere deep within his chest and scooped up the boy in his arms
“You should’ve seen it, it was like RAAWWRR, and I was like SWOOSH, KAAAA” The Orc child was swinging his sword wildly and making dragon faces much to the amusement of his father.
“Well, my son... you may have bested a dragon today, but how about your old man? YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME” He roared, tickling his son and ruffling his hair before dropping him to the ground.
“No way!” The child shouted in response, swinging with his wooden sword and catching his father across his thigh. The smith screamed out in faked pain, clutching his leg and slowly falling to the ground, he started to cough and splutter
“Eugh... this is the end... [cough] Son... I ... I don’t think I’ll make it [cough, cough]... Promise me something son” he said rasping
“Yes Dad?”
The young orc child stopped and thought for a brief while before taking his wooden sword and plunging it just below his under arm, mimicking dying sounds as he did so. He then proceeded to fall in a lump on top of his father. They both stayed silent for a brief period before laughing and getting to their feet.

“You’ve made a lot of swords today Dad.”
“Yes I have, we’ll need plenty for the war.”
“Dad... Are we at war with the elves?”
“Yes son.”
“But I thought we were at war with the soulless”
“We are at war with them too”
“Some people are saying we’re at war with the humans too”
The smith paused, contemplating his response. “Yes, we are son.”
“We’re gonna win right though, with Gungrol?”
“My son... we are at war with Gungrol too.”
“Are we at war with everyone?”

The smith ponders his inquisitive son for a while, before nodding to himself as if he just resolved a problem within his own mind. He moved over to a corner of his makeshift workshop that has a two chairs and a table
“Come, sit. I will tell you why.

We’ve been at war for so long now, not just ourselves, but everyone. The Elves and Humans have fought for years and we have fought the races in Noore I Melees in that time too. Now is an especially dark time, it has gotten to the point where this constant warring has spoiled and ruined this land. The issue with wars today is that they are fought for selfish, base reasons and not for a higher purpose. The Elves, they fight for Erathil and he fights because he believes he should rule over all. The Humans, they fight largely for survival, besieged at every turn, huddled in corners. They war because they feel they have no other choice. The soulless, they fight to destroy everything.

The wars they are fighting will not end well. They are wars that are destined to fail; no one will achieve what they are fighting for. Erathil will not rule over all, the Humans will survive, but their number will be crushed and the soulless, their bodies will litter the world they are unable to destroy. Nobody fights to end the wars, nobody is fighting an honourable war, and nobody is fighting a Glorious War. We shall fight that Glorious War. Larweyella rouses our spirits to war so that we may crush all who are unworthy; those who are not willing to give everything they have to this Glorious War shall die and cease to be. After, when the ashes of this Glorious War disperse the only ones who will be left are those who were willing to give everything they have to forge a better life. Those are the people truly worthy of this land. None other.

It is only through this Glorious War that we shall achieve peace, a lasting peace.

Do you understand my son?”

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