Around the camp fire.

The homeland of the humans and location of the Telerfret city Ingolé, the Larkant city of Mahtar, the Everni city of Nandine and the ruins of the capital city of Sanga

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Around the camp fire.

Postby Buchatar » Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:33 pm

Sorak laid on his back with his fingers laced across his chest. Above him, the night sky passed over with the countless stars singing their own songs.
It had been a long day, the cool breeze and the crackling of the nearby fire were welcoming sensations that helped calm the nerves.
Occasionally the breeze would try in vain to cause a commotion, only leaving the odd rustling bush or floating leaves passing by.

Sorak was content, his mind was able to wander. He thought of the past several weeks and the changes that had unfolded. Not only that, but also, where it would go.
His brother was a competent leader, much more so than himself. Sorak was just a visionary, he couldn't do anything on his own. Regardless of how hard he tried.

Was his other brother's life wasted? Would he have been proud of what has come from his death? Are we taking the right path that Llarwayella has lit for us?
All of these were questions that circled in Sorak's mind. They all circled the same point: The future of the Orc race.

Much more blood will be shed, that is certain. If this dream comes to fruition, then those that fall before they see the result must be remembered. It was imperative, otherwise it would just be another wasted life.

For your tomorrow, we gave our today
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