Fruits of the sea

The homeland of the humans and location of the Telerfret city Ingolé, the Larkant city of Mahtar, the Everni city of Nandine and the ruins of the capital city of Sanga

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Fruits of the sea

Postby edwin » Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:56 pm

It was past midnight when Edwin donned his hat and coat and stepped out on the deck. He walked to the prow of the ship, the fog was thick, but he could see the dull glow of the lanterns aboard their prey, by contrast all the lights aboard their own vessels had been extinguished hours ago when the unsuspecting ship had been sighted. He was still certain the poor souls across the water were unaware they were being followed.

A small figure stepped up beside him

"winds dying down"

Edwin paused for a second, the crewman was right it was less than a breeze now
It's time! Signal Sam and the barracuda to move into position, and have our own crew slip oars "

As he spoke the crewman strode to the port side of the ship and ignited a lantern, held it out over the ship for what seemed and eternity, but could have been no more than 5 seconds then allowed it to fall into the depths.

Ahead through the fog another dull glow appeared and stayed

Good Sam has held formation even through the fog, have us fall in behind, keep your distance though, we are not to be seen until Sam has secured their deck and has all the crew in hand

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Re: Fruits of the sea

Postby samthefisherman » Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:26 am

It had been a dark foggy evening on the barracuda and the mood was a tense one. Sam came out from his quaters and took the helm. He could see the lamps of another ship not too far away.
Must be time to move. Any sign from Edwin?

A crew member in crows nest called down Not yet

Just as his voice went silent a light appeared from the darkness and fell into sea.

Time to move boys. Prepare yourselfs and ready the ores

He turned to the men and made eye contact with them all.
Now remember, we are do this quickly and quietly, and when we are done give Edwin the signal.
The crew nodded and they started their approch.

The barracuda cut through the waves like a knife through butter and it wasnt long before it was pulling alongside the unsuspecting ship. Of course with the fog being so thick no one aboard had noticed the Barracuda pulling up next her. In that instant Sam leading the way jumped across to the other ship with his knife in hand.

He crept up behind the first man he came to and slit his throat. The other men had started moving down the ship to where the other men were

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Re: Fruits of the sea

Postby edwin » Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:20 pm

Edwin eyed the singular lantern of the barracuda as it shot towards the unsuspecting merchants vessel, he whispered to the crewman beside him

Barracuda's fast, faster than she looks

The entire crew stood staring at the lights in the gloom, waiting for any signal from either of the two ships, as time dragged on Edwin began to grow restless

To long, something's gone wrong, arm the men and move the......

As Edwin spoke a light appeared where the crows nest would be on the barracuda, he let out a sigh of relief

Bring the ship alongside the merchant vessel, and wake our guest, his ship is ready

As the ship rolled alongside, Edwin spied the carnage that has occurred upon the decks of the merchantman, he had know what had had to happen to here but it still turned his stomach, but this is why he had Sam, to do the things he couldn't

The hulls of the two ships bumped together as Edwin's galley came to a halt, he vaulted the rail and landed on the deck of the captured vessel, he spied Sam supervising the removal of the merchantman's cargo from its hold, he ordered his own crew to do the same and split them between the holds of the barracuda and his own ship

He pat Sam on the shoulder

we said our friend could have the ship, we said nothing about the cargo

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Re: Fruits of the sea

Postby samthefisherman » Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:23 am

After emptying the cargo bay of the ship, Sam went back inside, and after a few mintues brought out the Captain of the captured ship. He threw him down at Edwins feet. 

This mermaid molester killed 2 of my men and thought he could best me. Now what should we do with him lads? Throw him over board? (A cheer goes up) or how about we take his manhood? (A louder cheer goes up), or how about we fire his head from our cannon.

Sam has a chuckle to himself. 

Ive decided

Sam looked down the the cowering Captain and grinned

First ill take his man hood, then ill tie him to the front of my ship as a warning to anyone who thinks they can stand against the Barracuda or any of our ships. Take him on to the barracuda

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Re: Fruits of the sea

Postby Baelfire » Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:34 am

All who can feel it get a spike of meta magic.

Behind them stand 5 shapes in the darkness.

One steps towards them as he does so the light flickers across his face revealing a raven mask.

Whole it not be more fun to have him cut off his own genitals.

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Re: Fruits of the sea

Postby edwin » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:08 am

Listening to the exchange between Sam and the newcomer, a flash of anger crosses Edwin's face! The others see a flash of steel as he opens up the captains throat

"We are here to capture this ship Sam not torture its crew! And next time don't let enemy crew members see my face, then it won't be necessary to kill them"

He shakes his head as he looks down and the blood pooling around the dead captain before speaking to the newcomer

"Here is your ship friend, we have taken the goods for the cargo hold, I'm sure you don't mind since you needed it empty anyway, and don't forget our deal lad, 20 percent of your take to the fleet! The rest is yours"

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Re: Fruits of the sea

Postby samthefisherman » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:39 am

A look of anger crossed Sams face. But it soon disappear, a smile replaced the anger

Sorry Edwin it wont happen again. Right I think we are done here. We have business else where Edwin.

Sam turned to the other gentleman.

We will see you soon.

Sam picked up the Captains sword and mumbled You wont be needing this.

He climbed back to the Barracuda

Ready the ship, we will follow Edwin. Theres another matter needing our attention.

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