The Siege of Broniant.

The homeland of the humans and location of the Telerfret city Ingolé, the Larkant city of Mahtar, the Everni city of Nandine and the ruins of the capital city of Sanga

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The Siege of Broniant.

Postby Peter Levy » Sun Jun 22, 2014 4:19 pm

Broniant. The northernmost, and easternmost fortified town in Sinya Palurin. The Construction, as it has come to be known leads to this fortification, then beyond it to the north. To call the barricades a wall would insult the smallest shack. No, Sinya Palurin's borders are largely protected by a forest of spikes, barbed wire, pits and fences. Broniant itself is well-protected, and is the major stockpile of food and arms for the Human forces in the northeast.

An undead army emerges from the Gruthiel mountains, marching day and night to the walls of Broniant. They arrive, twenty-thousand walking corpses, walking fifty abreast and stand just out of arrow-range. A lone Wraith paces forward toward the gate. Captain Grannan Wolfswift stands atop the gatehouse and calls out to the invaders
"Go back to the 'Wastes! You will not take our home."

He hears a tortured whisper in his mind, and clutches at his head. He writhes side to side, and loses his footing, falling to the ground thirty feet beneath him. The wraith steps through the gate to Captain Wolfswift's body. Several soldiers attempt to strike the creature, but he is untouched by corporeal steel. He raises his right hand, and Wolfswift's body rises. The undead captain hurls himself at the guards on the gate.

In the chaos, someone swiftly runs from the kitchens and swings his carving knife with all his might at the back of the Wraith's head. The creature is slain instantly. Chef Ricoh does not enjoy Wraiths. He casually wanders back to the kitchen as the soldiers hack down their old captain.


Two days later, the undead army still stands in ranks. The men of Broniant are noticeably afraid, but some are also noticeably unwell. The potatoes have been blighted. The water smells sour. The meat is well; the chefs guard it with intense passion. One of them notices that Ricoh is paler than usual. One of the mages sees to him.
"He is diseased. But not in the usual way."
"He touched the Wraith, didn't he. Get him out of here! I don't want him spreading this!"
"Many men attacked it. Many men are sick. We cannot condemn those who tried to protect us."
"But they aren't cooking."

"He's right."replies Ricoh. He gathers up his things and heads to the main gate. He is nodded through, sacrificing himself to prevent the spread of this disease while the alchemists and priests work on curing it. Ricoh, once out of the gate, runs toward the undead horde, his trusty carving knife in hand. He disappears into the army. Whatever fight he brought, it didn't last long.


After another day, the undead army moves. They maintain their distance, but fan out to surround the town. On both the North and South flanks, they press through the Construction. Many fall to the pits and spikes; but many get back up again. It is a matter of minutes before Broniant is surrounded. The entire Northern Human Army is cut off from its principal source of food and weaponry.

No word has come from the town in over a day now. The undead force is dangerously close to the village of Little Piddling, where a tremendous magical power is building. The Djinn can manifest only at Midsummer. From Broniant, it is perhaps two days' march to Piddling. Do the Soulless want the Djinn, or are they simply weakening Sinya Palurin's defenses?
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