Out Scouting

The homeland of the humans and location of the Telerfret city Ingolé, the Larkant city of Mahtar, the Everni city of Nandine and the ruins of the capital city of Sanga

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Out Scouting

Postby Ross » Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:14 am

Kirrill moved through the forest the other scouts fanned out either side and a little back from him as he took point as normal. They moved quickly through the trees faster than most would be able to move quietly and take in what was around them but that was their job and they had all grown up in the forest before their homes had been lost.

He signaled for them to stop and take cover, something was wrong. Ha had that prickling sensation on the back of his neck like he was being watched, he looked round slowly took a slow breath and sharpened his senses, focusing his sight to the detriment of his other senses so he could truly see what was there….

“Oh shit” he whispered to himself, he quickly pulled some paper out of his satchel and scribbled a note putting as much information as he could before it was too late. He put his bow across his knee and wrapped the note around the grip tying it in place, looking at it with a sad longing “not even you will get me out of this one my friend” he signaled Evan to come over the youngest and one of the fastest of the group.

“Take it and get back to the camp, get everyone out of there now. If the Meta caster has finally arrived teleport out before it’s too late, don’t let the undead get the bow, get it to Harwood’s Army they can make good use of it, GO!” Kirrill reluctantly handed him the bow resolving himself to truly let it go, he nodded at the other 2 fastest for them to go with him “Keep him safe”

He took a breath and let out a sigh “Quaos, you once said you owed me a small favor but I know there has to be a balance to some of it all in a way. Help the boy and those he runs to let them be safe this one time. Oh and make the undead pay, you will see the destruction I bring to them here in your name”

He watched the three run and knew that it would be only seconds before he wished he had his bow back and the fighting would begin but it wasn’t going to help him survive this time not with these odds, all he could do was make sure it was safe and people warned of what was coming “Make every second count” he whispered to those left with him . He took a bow from one of the others and stood took aim and with a grunt of effort released at apparently thin air but his arrow striking true on something that the others hadn’t seen ”For Quaos” he said solemnly . And then the fight began….

The fight was brutal but the Everni fought hard and with a grim purpose, using every trick they had using every bit of the terrain they could to their advantage, they knew they weren’t going to win but that wasn’t their goal, time..time is what they were buying with their very hearts blood, they were not fighting for their lives they were lost but for the lives of their friends and love ones for the hope that they could save some of what they held dear. Kirrill fought, his friends lay dead around him their lives already give to save those they loved , and so he kept going till every mote of his essence was spent till his body was broken and his last breath exhaled. As he fell he let out a whisper “Keep us free Quayle, keep us free”
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