Competitive Rates

The homeland of the humans and location of the Telerfret city Ingolé, the Larkant city of Mahtar, the Everni city of Nandine and the ruins of the capital city of Sanga

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Competitive Rates

Postby Dellam » Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:04 pm

Things were getting bad, this was not in doubt one bit to the Celebrant known as Jaguar...and as times got worse the peoples moods would sour. This was bad, this was very bad indeed. Thus having left his tavern in the hands of a helper he had traveled back to Sanga to do some...honest work, so to speak. He wanted to help out, to lift the spirits of those who needed and make life better, for a price anyway. With that in mind his own stall went up, offering a selection of potions to help those who could afford to be helped. He was after all a concerned citizen and so he didn't price things TO highly, folks couldn't party if they were hungry and thirsty and such after all.
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