Velmaneth Conquered

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Velmaneth Conquered

Postby Luke » Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:42 pm

But... but sire, your fleshyness... why not just attack in the centre...? Your excellency's army far outnumbers your opponents...

The Grand Overlord merely shook his head slowly. It was enough to silence the enquiring little demon, who looked nervously at the two demonic armies assembling in the valley below. There was no sun to light the landscape, and no wind to carry the stench of the creatures. A good job really.

A loud horn sounded out through the valley, echoing off the barren rock that covered the entire, wasted world of Velmaneth. It was followed by another and the two armies surged forward into bloody conflict. It was a strategic embarassment. The Grand Overlord had ordered his demons to concentrate fighting in six seperate arenas, wasting their advantage of numbers.

Sire, even if we win... we wont have many soldiers left...

He was silenced this time by a dagger to the throat, blue blood bubbled down the hilt forcing the Overlord to pull it out and shake it clean. Disgusting.

The minion was right of course, the Grand Army would win, but not by a good margin. Fortunately the Overlord had no need for an army after today. Ten years of uniting the demon clans, waging war across the world's surface, had all come to this – Lord Ruler of all Velmaneth. For five minutes. As the blood of the demons doing battle seeped into the dusty ground, leylines of power activated, forming a six pointed star made of two triangles which touched the edges of a huge circle around the valley. The ground rumbled and then, as quick as it had begun, they disappeared taking the lives of the demons within.

Beautiful, majestic silence.

The Grand Overlord took a deep breath and then with but a blink, teleported to the centre of the faded circle. True to his wishes power was forming in front of him. A blue mist which was slowly growing and expanding. He'd waited for four hundred years, a few minutes more was fine. The mist took a humanoid form and then solidified into a tall man with blue skin.

You have summoned me
I have
I do not give wishes
Sadly for you, I think you do
What do you mean?
You know I'm almost five hundred years old?
Impressive. You didn't answer my question.
I don't belong here. I belong then. That is my wish.
It turns out the only creature powerful enough to time travel for that many years... is a Djinn.
I do not give wishes.

The Overlord held out his hand and touched the Djinn on the forehead with his index finger. It screamed. With a power greater than the combined strength of the Pantheon of Old, for the Overlord had claimed it as his own, the Djinn was destroyed.

Sleep now. A decade awaits...

The Overlord took a final look around the valley. Quiet. Clean.

He used his dagger to slice open his hand.

I am Ishan-Bey, God and Djinn. I offer my blood. Time take me forward. Time take me back.
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