Advertising an Expedition

To the North East, birthplace to the undead and home to their great Necropolices

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Advertising an Expedition

Postby Rebecca » Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:53 pm

Small booths go up over the area. By their front, a poster is visible:

As of the 23rd of next month, an expedition will be led across the planes to the Realm of Pandemonium for the performing of a ritual. Heroes are wanted to support this expedition, and can expect to be paid a base fee of 20 rava each (subject to increase depending on the number of takers). We reserve rights to reject an application for the expedition should the applicant be of character deemed unsuited to the form, and therefore smooth running, of the quest. For an interview and further information, see the undead within.

An arrow at the bottom of the sign points into the booth.

[OOC pm me details of the character interested and i'll let you know if he/she is suitable, and give you some further details. Sorry about keeping it brief, but i'm writing my dissertation and at the moment i'm matching my word count to the hour]
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