A Peaceful Night

To the North East, birthplace to the undead and home to their great Necropolices

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A Peaceful Night

Postby His Mortal Blade » Wed Nov 07, 2012 5:24 pm

The city of Varya lay in ruins but the Souless didn't come here anymore, still held back by it's Gravenail walls. Now, the city was populated by the Underdweller's, the multi-eyed Psycomancers.

New to this world, naive of its people and their ways. Here they learnt from ancient writings, learnt of the world and it's past.

The worked during the day and slept peacefully at night....until that night.

There was a cold chill that night, the sky blacker than they had ever seen but it meant little to them, they knew no better.

As the moons rose overhead, they rested. But a few stayed up, to watch over the others. With their great mind powers they could sense any approaching and protect their brothers and sisters....but they couldn't sense him.

One stood high upon the Varyian walls, never moving as he looked out upon Gweria. He felt a tinkling up his spin, was it the cold air? He didn't know nor did he care. Perhaps he should have. He pulled a container from his pocket a sipped at a drink.

3 others sat around a fire, talking to each other through their minds, constantly checking the minds of their kin until the felt something...or a lack of something. A connection vanished, a mind lost from their hive. They stood and looked to the walls. Their brother was still there, still standing, unmoving, as he always was.

One went to check while the others drew weapons. He placed his hand on his brothers shoulder and as he did his brothers body feel limply to the floor. Quickly checking, there was no sign of a wound, it appeared he just died.

He turned around facing the fire and, as he did, he saw the tip of a blade appear from the chest of one of his brothers then vanish as another of his kin fell to the floor.

He moved to the other Underdweller in the blink of an eye and they stood back to back. They shivered, their hands shook, perhaps they had learnt something from those books....fear. Could the Underdweller's even feel emotion? On this night, they felt one.

The scanned the shadows, scanned the buildings, huts and tents for any mind that was not part of the hive. There was nothing. Then, a sound of a footstep some 10 paces from them, in pitch black. The two Underdweller's hurried to the spot, weapons drawn, their minds focused for battle but their was nothing as the two stood side by side.

That was a mistake, one they will never learn as they felt the cold steel run across the back of their necks.

The next morning the other Underdweller's awoke. And what a site they awoke to. 4 of their brothers lay by the fire, 4 of their brothers lay their, 4 brothers decapitated.

Perhaps the Underdweller's could feel, for on that day they felt panic and suffering.....

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