A Trial

To the North East, birthplace to the undead and home to their great Necropolices

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A Trial

Postby Ben » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:46 pm

A grey robed man stands before a line of six grey robed figures. He is not shackled nor held by any physical means but seems unable to move or speak as if he is being held by unseen forces.
“Gaspon. You are of the grey so you are aware of these proceedings.”
One of the six grey robed figures seems to relax slightly and the man falls to the floor. Gaspon's face is ashen, his soul drained to the bare minimum to maintain consciousness.
“I am.”
“You are charged with consorting with the enemies of Varya. How do you plead?”
“You are charged with assisting a creature of undeath to pass as living. How do you plead?”
“You are charged with attempting to affect the succession of Varya. How do you plead?”
“You are charged with impersonating, or assisting another to impersonate, a member of the royal line of Varya. How do you plead?”
“Your attempts to reinstate the fallen General Xanus as Prince under the guise of his deceased brother led to Sir Katy Katy, Paladin of Varya, falling beneath his vampiric thrall and obeying orders not to attempt the resurrection of Prince Lenton. For this we charge you with conspiracy to murder both Prince Lenton and Sir Katy. How do you plead?”
“Your actions have led to the end of the royal line of Varya. For this, compounded with the previous charges, we add a charge of treason. How do you plead?”
“Gaspon, despite your abilities you cannot hide your mind from this court. Your guilt has been detected. Your sentence can be commuted from Death by Suffering if you change your plea to black. How do you plead?”
“Good. Your sentence of Death by Suffering has been commuted to Death by Neuronic Penetration.”
The robed figures stand as Gaspon’s eyes go wide and his mouth opens in protest before he drops to the floor. Thin trickles of blood flow from ears, eyes and nostrils and his features change: ears and eyes reshape becoming sharper and the skin takes on a slightly gold flecked tone until a High Elf lies dead before the court.
“It appears Lenton was correct about Elven spies within Varya.”
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