Tonnot's Burning Memory

To the North East, birthplace to the undead and home to their great Necropolices

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Tonnot's Burning Memory

Postby Luke » Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:00 pm

Ton-not was feeling very tired, the effects of overcasting on his body had left him more than a little uncomfortable, and he longed for a bed next to a warm fire - though not too warm of course.

The Varyans were holding the wall and pushing into the city and had graciously allocated the heroes a few dusty houses on the outskirts. He picked the most symmetrical, told the captain of the guard where he was and made his way to the shack.
It had no bed.
He sighed and then slouched onto the floor, his back against the wall. It was with extreme discomfort that he fell asleep, his bony shoulder blades rubbing against the clay and stone walls. There was little light, which in this case was a blessing.

Hours later he woke up to the soft tapping of his forehead. His heavy eyes opened blurrily to see a familiar face - a neat trimmed beard, sharp features, contrasted by his dull eyes.
Wake up Cultist, there's work to be done
The voice held authority, but was spoken carefully, and with the air of routine. Tonnot, through habit, woke up slowly and stood.
Yes, Cultist. Work to be do.. wait. His eyes snapped fully open and he fumbled for a sword, finding it and brandishing it ineffectually at the intruder. Along with his two companions.
Herdreh, Gutug... and... is that Ritir? What are you doing here?
Just paying our fellow Cultist a meeting... good work here... restoring balance to Gweria, very noble and ambitious.
Herdreh smiled a wily smile in reaction to Tonnot's suspicious glare.
When are you coming home Cultist?
The Cult is done Herdreh, and I've found better ways, as have the rest of us. Crafters I hear. You were always good with tools...
Tonnot glanced at the club in his old mentors hand.
Go away Herdreh.
No. No-one leaves the Cult. It didn't die with the old Sun, it's stronger with the new one.
You're going to get yourself killed...
Possibly... he sighed, his eyes not seeing what he wanted.
I can see you aren't ready, come on Cultists, there's more to recruit.
Herdreh walked towards the door, lackeys following. Tonnot sighed with relief but his mentor paused in the doorway.
You can pretend Tonnot, pretend that you worship Balance, but we both know what you've done. Tell me, when your assualt almost failed, when you saw your friends dying, was it to Eremine you prayed?
Of course it wa..
DON'T LIE TO ME CULTIST! His anger exploded and retracted in simultaneous moments, a skill perhaps only excercised by those with control.
The Sun God has no place with me. He realised how unsure he sounded the moment he spoke.
I was there Tonnot, don't forget, when he appeared and promised you glory for the Cult. You were the first to accept. To praise his chaos and destruction, to raze and equal the world for Balance.
He took another step out of the door.
Don't forget Tonnot... because he wont.

They marched away, leaving the Ingolean. Fear was a common feeling these days.
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