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The Omen Barer Cometh

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:28 pm
by Sonny
Late in the evening as the moon rose high in into the clouded sky a familiar sound filled the air, the shuffling groans of the undead wading through the undergrowth. The normal noise of their legs dragging rather clumsily through shrubs and grass echoed by a much larger dead weight as a sac was pulled behind the small group of the slowly decaying corpses. Shambling on they finally came to their destination of an open clearing lit around its circumference by candles flickering on a broken stone ring, the long since dismembered and scavenged ruins of an over grown watch tower. Sitting in the dimly lit ring a pale generously proportioned figure worked slowly marking out a few marks, symbols of Quarin etched into every stone facing the centre of the circle.

Standing slowly to face the walking dead who had arrived at his little temporary shrine the figure rubbed his ringed fingers together with glee and stepped over the wall to inspect the sack, pulling open the top as another figure clad in dark robes stepped through the tree line to join this gathering.

“I trust everything is in order, one body as requested and it’s relatively fresh and enact. He’s only been dead for a couple of days, found these mindless beasts chewing on the poor farmers legs before I convinced them to drag him over for you. I hope our agreement is still valid, I have brought payment and expect my payment in full.”

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Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:47 pm
by Sonny
Closing the sack and giving it a good pat the larger figure stood up and stretched his back, clicking his fingers as another creature joined the unholy gathering. Appearing from the shadows as it had been part of them all along a taloned demon stepped into view. Its entire form covered in rippling muscles with a metallic sheen, a formidable beast for any unfortunate soul who would cross its path, speaking with a ominous and almost feral tone.

“You called for me maasssssssssssssssster, what is your bidding, am I to ssssssssssssslay these who ssssssssstand before you?”

“I’m afraid not mah humble servant, I brought ya forth to dis world like ya asked so you could feel da spray of blood on ya face as ya ripped da flesh from da living who stand in ya path. Dis ere be ya new master, ya be following him and his order from now on as long as dem orders don’t bring meself any harm. From da sound and look of tings ya be seeing much more bloodshed under his command den watching over mah shoulder, so i’m sure ya be happy with dis arrangement. Serve him loyaly until da day him meets his end, den ya be free to do as ya see fit, or come see meself and I be sure i can find ya a new postion where ya can put ya skills to da test and keep dem claws sharp.”

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Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:07 pm
by Sonny
The hulking demon grinned wickedly at the promise and concept of finally doing battle and bowed subserviently to the robed man. The large pale figure outstretched his hand which was swiftly shaken by this cloaked counterpart, the undead minions ungracefully tossing the heavy sack over the wall into the circle.

“Him be everyting ya asked for and a wee bit more mon, so keen to come to dis world i thought it be rude not to help him cross over for being over qualified. Me tanks ya for ya aid in dis matter and i hopes ya enjoy ya new friend, make sure him don’t get too bored mon, he be veeeery eager to play.”

“Oh I’m sure I will keep him occupied and entertained with a few little tasked that suit his.... nature shall we say. Always a pleasure and if i happen to stumble across a few more fresh bodies that aren’t needed elsewhere i will be sure to get in contact with you. Now if you don’t mind it’s a long trek back so a dark night to you.”

And with that the figures departed back through the tree line into the night, the shambling undead lazy dragging behind the human and demonic beast as they went on their way. Leaving the more rounded figure with his loot, busy undoing the thick linen sack and shaking out the slightly chewed corpse of an unfortunate peasant

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Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:48 pm
by Sonny
After almost an hour of additional preparations the body had been strung up on a few posts, almost like a scarecrow as he hung there head drooped and arms stretched wide. The last symbol of Quarin marked on the corpse’s forehead in its own old congealed blood. Starting the dark right of death magic the figure started to chant in the light of the of the moon as the candles started to burn black, opening the weak remnants of the gate in the victims dwindling soul and reaching through into the very hopewastes themselves.

“mah lord Quarin hear ya child’s plee on dis night, ya humble servant’s, subject’s, and celebrant’s call. Lend me ya strength, ya blessing and gift here and now as i bring a soul from da wastes here to the world of da living in your name. Spirits guide da way for dis departing soul, sing into da night like da sirens of old. A trade take place from ere and da wastes, dis body before me, decrepit and dead, take whats left of his bond and tear it a sunder. Da truth of death and Quarin’s word be claiming him now, drag and take his soul to where it belong through da gate and use its power so one can take its place. I call ya forth ere and now, spirits carry mah voice into the depths of the waste, Fey of the death court hear da call, feel da summons and accept mah gift to ya mon. Ya time in dat place be at an end and this world as use for yam on, embrace Quarin’s gift and blessing to ya, the power of undeath shall burn through ya soul like a wild fire, strengthening and imbuing you to become more den you were before. Take on da form of a spectre, a ghost, a haunt and wraith, no physical body will contain ya mon, a creature of magic and insubstantial so ya may pass through and travel where ya please. Graced with the da mind dat you possess now, intelligent and brilliant so ya can spread da message as is ya task and purpose. Ya shall be free to follow on da word of ya master and court, unbound to da guide who shall bring ya into this world.....
QUARIN ere me now, guide mah hands through da gate so i may pull dis soul through and grace it with ya gift.
SPIRITS sing ya mah words, hold da gate open and pass on mah message so him can be found and call him forth to dis world.

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Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:00 pm
by Peter Levy

It felt like an eternity, but probably lasted six seconds. The candles still burnt black, the air became heavy, the wind stopped dead. A faint glimmer of bronze touched the sky.

"Thank you, Jin'Ro. You have done well. All debts are cleared. All bonds are released. All pacts are fulfilled. My master now has all he needs from you, and you are free to enjoy the gift of re-undeath in whatever way you wish."

The voice coalesces into a black cloud before the vampire. Slowly it takes a humanoid form. A small circle of white grows from the head of the spirit, and it stretches out to form a masked face. Black holes where you might expect eyes; a black void where you might expect a mouth. A The darkness within one eye stretched out with unholy tendrils, snatching the light from the air around it. The mask ripples, spikes and studs scarring its surface. The calm voice almost makes the emptiness behind the mask seem... happy.

"You are indeed powerful. You have transcended death. You have mastered the art of shaping its power. Your loyalty to your god is admirable. But you could have more. Your story is older than Quarin, your power could rival them. You could be the master, and they four your servants. You know my master's power. All this world could be yours, if you wanted. All this world could be theirs if you wanted. On the twenty-second day of the sixth month, your wish could be my master's command."

The dark figure stares squarely at Jin'Ro before exercising the power granted to it. It dissolves into thin air and a dull hum of meta magic. The Herald will spread his master's message.

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Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:51 am
by Peter Levy
An inquisitive beak probes a bag. While its master sleeps, the ragged, shadowy form of Tweety hops about the room. He returns to the bag, and pecks at the corners. Lifting one end up, the contents spill out. Tweety checks the room: nobody's here. He sifts through the pile of things until he finds what was calling him.

A statue, about the size of his master's hand. A statue of a bird. Not a close likeness, more of a totemic sculpture. The undead bird stares at the Birdstone for several minutes. For a moment, a shimmer of magic sweeps across the dark, rough carving. Tweety jolts forward. Stopping short of actually making contact, he considers pecking at the Birdstone.

He gives in to the temptation. Beak meets rock. He leaps back as the stone rings out a terrible screeching sound, like a million nails across blackboards. The Birdstone begins to shake, and a dark shadow rises from it. The shadow takes the form of a bird: a raven. The statue beams out this dark projection of a larger version of Jin'Ro's pet. It rises from the floor on these ethereal wings.

The shadow and the stone rise to the sky, and then flicker out of existence. Tweety, if undead felt guilt, seems rather guilty. Diligently, he places his master's things back in the bag. Perhaps he wouldn't notice the missing icon? A bird can hope...