Farrek Char

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Farrek Char

Postby Ben » Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:41 am

"I'm Farrek Char!" the man tied to the table drawled nasally.
"We've been through this. No, you're not." came the voice from the hooded figure standing nearby
"I'm Farrek Char!" repeated the man unabashed.
"What is wrong with him?" another figure intoned from the darkness.
"He thinks he's Farrek Char." replied Pestilence.
"I'm Farrek Char!" came the voice from the table happily.
"I can tell that. Why?"
"Because we told him to claim to be Farrek Char..."
"I'm Farrek Char!"
"...and form an alliance with the Avian queen. She agreed to an alliance between her people and ours, apparently not realising she was forging an alliance with the Soulless rather than the Rodera. She may not wish to honour this agreement but words have power no matter the intention."
"And now?"
"Apparently our new Famine has difficulty finding the line between fiction and reality."
"We can't keep him bound forever. We should just kill him."
"Perhaps. But perhaps he could be useful."
"I am not sure. Yet. But let's not do anything hasty, we might need Farrek Char in the future."
"I'm Farrek Char!"
"And unconscious people always count as willing"

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