Hunt master

To the North East, birthplace to the undead and home to their great Necropolices

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Hunt master

Postby Damiensluman » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:45 pm

the setting sun looked most beautiful setting aginsed the tent.
two undead stood outside this one man tent.
moments later a undead dog sniffed around the edge of the tent he is shortly he is followed by an undead necromancer
Got him
the necromancer retires to the tent
this was going to be tough but he was never one to run from a challenge.
first the dog. it stood frozen
next the gards froze. from the darkness stood a man with a distinked clawed hand. he began to talk in a hushed voice his words seaming to be lost into the cold wind.
the undead turned and began to walk away from there master.
the man's voice got stronger
hunt master ... hunt master

the tent door raised and the necromancer emerged to be greeted by a clawed hand around his throat as he staired in fear at the face befor him
lost boy !!
the man stood back. as he did his claw fell reveling it to be a cleverly crafted glove.
not anymore

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