Varya - A Call To Heroes

To the North East, birthplace to the undead and home to their great Necropolices

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Varya - A Call To Heroes

Postby Stevie » Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:35 pm

**Flyers posted around Varya**

Heroes of Varya,

Your assistance is needed!

The recent Midari incursion into our lands has wrecked havoc on the smaller settlements, endangering property and life. Whilst early reports suggest the Midari horde has moved southwards we still require capable warriors to find and close the Fey Portal that the Midari arrived from. A joint effort is being organised in 4 days time with additional help being provided from mercenaries hailing from Damntown and the Underdweller nation.

Those wishing to assist should seek Knight Variks at the Stalwart Shield Inn

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