Staging Point

A land of forests and jungles from where the beastmen first came

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Staging Point

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The Cloudlit Realm had wreaked untold damage to Arnad Gaurhoth when it initially fell from the sky and then, several months later when it was moved to its current position. However, in doing so it had cleared vast tracts of forest leaving thousands of acres of flat land, broken rocks and uprooted trees just ready to be exploited.

Thousands of men had been brought here, both Runebreaker's Resurections and survivors from Ingolé. While the slow process of farming began, the population was fed by parties of hunter-gatherers.

With food supplies coming in, the work began on The Crater, a forty mile wide indent in the landscape marking where the Cloudlit Realm had first impacted. Men worked tirelessly assisted by great beasts and hastily constructed machinery to dig the crater even further into the ground, piling up the rock and earth in the very centre creating an artificial island over a mile across. In the surrounding area, land was being cleared to create arable farmland and more rock was brought from the cleared fields to form a twenty mile long narrow causeway linking the mainland to the newly formed island that rose above the base of the crater. Once complete, great channels were carved linking the crater to local rivers which were then diverted creating a freshwater lake some forty miles across. On the island in the centre of the lake, work continued apace.

Fallen trees were hauled by the great beasts, some were diverted across the causeway for the construction of a fort and village but the majority headed a few miles east to the coast of Arnad Gaurhoth. From the coast near Ingolé the fleet had begun its journey, just a few ships but laden with people, supplies and raw materials. They had rendezvoused with the Larkant fleet as they passed Mahtar and had been joined by the great city ship of Naukos and the remains of the Dwarven Navy further east. Nearly fifty ships altogether, they had headed around Varya to land just south of Gweria on the coast of Arnad Gaurhoth. Here they had formed a busy shipyard where they built, improved and repaired the Armada that would retake The Colourful Isle.

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