Excerpt from "The Travellers Guide to Velmaneth"

A land of forests and jungles from where the beastmen first came

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Excerpt from "The Travellers Guide to Velmaneth"

Postby Stevie » Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:43 pm

**In some of the local papers of Velmaneth, a small advertisement is seen, which looks like a travel review**

Chapter - 13, Visiting Damntown

[Where to eat in Damntown?]
The Come-On-Inn (or fuck-off out)

**The Come-On-Inn was the first established tavern in Damntown, it was hastily put together whilst the town was being built and quickly became a refuge for the labourers who worked there, alongside some Fey that had already decided to settle. It took all of 2 hours before the locals gave it it's infamous second name The "fuck-off out", or "fuck-off" for short, or "fuck" for shorter. After a few drinks of the questionable liquor most people just called it "ffgth" or didn't say anything at all. The important thing to note about this tavern, is that it caters for families, which makes it a wonderful place to come for Sunday lunch.

Of particular note is the local game of Dice-Drink-Fight, the rules of which currently escape me but I will relay a particularly memorable experience I had watching a local play against a Fey. The main aim of the game seems to be producing a higher set of numbers by rolling 5 six-sided dice. You seem to get a number of throws and can "bank" some of your dice. The local man who was of stocky build and a carpenter by trade, was already quite drunk. He practically exploded with glee after he managed to roll five 6's, giving him the maximum score of 30. His celebration had started before the Fey had even rolled his set of dice, but nevertheless in politeness he simmered down so the Fey could roll his dice.

An additional wager was made, the Fey bet that he could beat the local man's roll using each dice only once, and for that, he would get to sleep with the man's wife, or quadruple the stake. The first dice was rolled, a 6. A smile flashed across the Fey's mouth. Another 6 and another and finally one more until it was only the last dice left. The Fey threw the dice into the air, stood up from the table and started stretching and clicking his knuckles. The dice landed, the room went silent for what seemed like an age. Then the man spoke


A raucous fight broke out immediately, fists flew left and right, tables were broken, chairs smashed and after a good ol' fashioned brawl, the local man fell down dead. A cry of "Damnstown rules" was quickly ushered and the tavern owner quickly removed the body from sight. Normal business resumed and the widow hastily flocked to the arms of her new lover. That was the first time I met the Mayor of Damntown, and each experience has been more enjoyable than the last.

Come to Damntown, you won't regret it. 11/10 Stars.

(This advertisement was paid for by the Mayor of Damntown, artistic license may have been used)

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