A damn town indeed

A land of forests and jungles from where the beastmen first came

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A damn town indeed

Postby Erynion » Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:17 pm

It was a cold winter night but the stars werent out, well they could have been, but you couldnt see them for all the tobacco smoke and god knows what else people were smoking by the barrel load. The huge bison was use to this by now, he had been helping lift logs into damn town for weeks to build taverns, brothels and, well, buildings he didnt know what to call. After his rava had been stolen for the 5th time he decided it was time to leave.He was big and strong, a good worker, but not to observent when it came to sneaky little theifs stealing his rava.

As he passed through the centre of damn town their were brawls breaking out everywhere, Darkfur carried on walking ignoring the pointless fighting. He passed a brothel and the girls looked at him, realising he wasn't drunk or carrying any rava they turned their noses up to him and walked back inside. What he hadn't noticed until now was that a man had sneaked up behind him and was slowly trying to steal the mace from the belt of Darkfur. With all the smoke in the air his sense of smell wasnt as good as it normally is but suddenly he caught the smell of the human. Half a second later the bison had the man pinned up by his throat against the brothel door. The humans feet were 3 feet off the floor.

Darkfur growed,
You stpd humen try to steal from I, me think you stealed mes rava to!

The man struggling to breath under the grip Darkfur had on his throat.

Possession is 10 10ths of the law.

Darkfur looked confused, he clearly didnt understand 10ths. He lifted up the mace the man had tried to steal with his free hand. The brawls that were happening had all stopped and a crowd had formed. Drunks were cheering for Darkfur to use the mace, the brothel girls were taking this oppertunity to mingle with all the new drunk men that had appeared.

Me is leaving Damntown because of humens like you

Darkfur slammed the man through the door and sent wood splinters flying. The drunks cheered at the show before going back to their drinking.

Darkfur carried on through Damn Town and out into the night.
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Re: A damn town indeed

Postby Stevie » Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:32 pm

**It took longer than expected for Porkie to regain consciousness after being launched into the door by the giant bovine. When he did finally come around his pockets were significantly lighter and someone had pilfered his right boot.**

"Ah come on! Really! Who steals just one boot? I could understand both, but one? I just don't understand. Now I've got to decide whether to take this one off and walk home through the rain or keep it on and limp home looking like some pissed crazy man! Seriously!"

**It was at that moment One-Leg Lloyd decided to sink down into his chair, trying to avoid the accusatory rambling. When Porkie finally did leave the tavern Lloyd decided to strut up and down the bar in his new boot, much to the amusement of the masses.**

**Porkie made the slow trudge back to his shop, mumbling curse words at no one in particular as he marched. When he arrived at his shop (Porkie's Food Emporium) he was quick to take down the sign that he put up outside**



**As he unlocked the door to his shop and stowed away the sign he took the time to drag out the previous advertisement now that beef wouldn't be on the menu**




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