The harsh deserts mainly home to nomadic tribes and the lizardmen of the Shirikan

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Postby Ben » Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:00 am

On the 18th day of Maya the dome of Dolen Talath fell.

Six weeks prior, in the early days of Apons, the leaders of the survivors of Dolen Talath discovered the wells ran with poison. The survivors, some two thousand people, were of nomadic stock and knew the nature of the desert: when the water was gone, you moved on.

Surrounded by Glooms and undead, The Voyager summoned the Silent Ones together and linked their minds. For the first time in over a century, the power imbued within her people by their celestial heritage flowed. Their forefathers had been the angels of Velnashar and together they summoned forth the Sandstorm once more.

It tore through Glooms and undead alike, destroying thousands of the creatures around the dome but that wasn't enough. The storm was under the control of the Silent Ones and they allowed the fire within their veins to erupt and seek out water across the land. Wherever they found it they sent part of the storm, erupting outwards from the dome like the spoke from a wheel but within these lines of Storm there was a corridor of safety, a passageway protected from the creatures outside by the raging storm and in this way the survivors, huddled together for months, became tribes once more and journeyed through the eyelets in the storm to the promised land.

The storm raged on for weeks and slowly, one by one, the Silent Ones fell until just the Voyager remained. Finally, on the 18th day of Maya she could wield the power no more and the storm retreated. Now she was the last of the Silent Ones, the last descendant of Velnashar's angels on Velmaneth and with the last of her strength she teleported and the dome collapsed.

Her people had sacrificed themselves but her sacrifice was still months away.
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