Where the Rodera, Orcs, Goblins and Avians once called home

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**With Farsight he had checked the cellar, it was clear. A tiny column of light streams in from above, enough to see by. Just. A pulse of Meta magic, and Farrek Char appears. He smiles broadly.**

Only the good stuff... Where are we... Ah yes, Krohn. He made damned good port.

**Warrick Krohn first created his fortified red wine in the eighteenth year of this world. It took him a good seventy years before he got it consistently right, but when he got it right, he got it right. Farrek runs his hands over the bottles, searching out the finest of the reserve.**

Ninety-two, ninety-five, ninety-seven. Excellent. Looks in good shape...

**He pulls out a bottle and wipes the dust away. "Krohn -Port Shippers Since 18, Porto Colheita 97". Farrek grinned. He produced a small leather book, and opened it to a blank double page. One by one, he placed botles onto the book. They sank into the paper, their image appearing on the page. Six of the ninety-seven, six of the ninety-five, three of the ninety-two, and a few other old or unusual bottles. He flicks through the book's pages. A staff; a magical gauntlet; a snack in the event of bumping into Sundairs; a pile of papers wrapped in leather. He closes and seals the book and takes a quick look around him.**

Don't want to push my luck too far...

I call the power of Meta-Magic;
Build me a bridge. Once this place was home, and one day it shall be so again, but for now home is in the sky. Build me a bridge between here and there. Not a bridge of stone or wood, a bridge of magic. Build me a bridge across space, that I might travel from my father's Port Cellar in Ronas to my Study upon the floating land I named Zeppelin. Build me a bridge through time, that I might travel there in an instant. By my will, and the power of Meta-Magic, I bid myself taken hence.

**He vanishes**

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