Peace and Violence

Where the Rodera, Orcs, Goblins and Avians once called home

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Peace and Violence

Postby Dellam » Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:13 pm

Vynrael had to admit...the hospitality of the Rodera (he still found it odd calling them that) was more then he'd expected and he found himself shamed that with so many dealings with the other races in such violent fashions that he'd half expected the Rodera to be cut from the same cloth. True there was Farrick whom he called friend more than anyone in this world but he might have been an exception unto himself. It was a pity though that such had come with a price of its own, the loss of his church, so many was unthinkable that the elves had brought about this attack and yet it had happened. He had been there when it was decided. all came back to the high elf. The mere thought of the name made his heart pump harder and his blood boil. In that one name he understood everything that Asternia had said to him about this world and he also understood how people here could be corrupted. he felt it was happening to him to, that something in him was changing from being exposed to the intrigues and conflicts of Velmaneth. He wanted to knock the high elf down though most of all and drag him before a court to make him pay for his crimes. He knew there were many but none cut closer to home then Rossalyn, a name he'd carry with him to the end of his days as much as he did the sword which he had named after her at his side. Fingers stroked the hilt almost absently every time it came to him even as they did now.

He stood outside, looking up at the sky in thought, wondering what to do now...there were so many paths, so many threads and he had to start somewhere. he had ideas but how to enact them? Time...he needed time to think and perhaps some more answers. Then this world would see. They'd all see.
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