Doran's Blessing.

Where the Rodera, Orcs, Goblins and Avians once called home

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Doran's Blessing.

Postby Peter Levy » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:23 pm

At the centre of Noore I'Meles sits a small island amidst the mists that bathe the old land. This land was blessed by Gerethenax's paladin when it was part of Coshwood Isle. This piece of land received that blessing again when it was placed here. Now, the Zeppelin Stone, as it is now known finds itself thrice-blessed. The ground beneath the Rodera's feet trembles with power. The Blade of I'Meles, sword of the Roderan leader quivers as it stands half-buried in the earth. The ground immediately surrounding this sword lurches upwards.

A column of earth rises up beneath it. A dark, glassy rock, roughly carved into a slightly tapering cylinder. An obsidian spire, reaching thirty feet or more into the air. From it flows a great wave of power, stretching out into the mists surrounding the Zeppelin Stone. Within the shimmering torrent of magic can be seen ghostly faces of Orcs, Rodera and Goblins. Images of caves, cities, and mines all seem to appear within the mists. Great fortresses and great victories are depicted in the twisting arcs of power reaching out from the spire.

The flood of magic ceases, and the towering obsidian monolith remains. Its gleaming black surface broken only by a white symbol: a circle with eight beams stretching from it, longer at the bottom. A symbol worn by a paladin, tattooed upon an Orc. Within moments someone had approached the structure to determine its purpose, origin, creator and power:

A Shrine to Gerethenax, at the centre of the land. Born of the will of Doran Onatah. It shall be known as Doran's Spire

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Re: Doran's Blessing.

Postby Luke » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:24 pm

A flash of metamagic nearby, a loud THUMP and then another flash revealed the presence of Gerethenax's Paladin. Warryn walked around the obsidian spire slowly, smiling. He approved. A lot. Though it would make commuting complicated.

He was dressed in his fineries and armour, though not with plate and helm. He held no weapons but his fists were closed. As he walked, he muttered under his breath and stopped every ten paces or so around the obelisk. In 8 places he stopped fully and, his incantation completed, the soil parted gently.

The Diamond elf bent down to the floor and placed a small boltab seed in each crevice, carefully resealing it and ensuring it was placed in a good area. He hoped the obelisk and what it stood for would help nourish the seeds, they were of course extremely rare.

He then took a good spot and sat on the ground.
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